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Am I the only person on Earth who chose to save Doug?!

Carly is a woman, and kind of a hottie. You can tell she's sweet on Lee. And all I see is, "Carly had the gun, so I saved Carly!"

..... WHAT?!

Are you people listening to that statement? She had the gun... WHY DOES SHE NEED SAVED!? Doug had no weapons, defenseless. Carly had the freaking gun IN HER HAND. If this b**** is too stupid to even use the gun (I'm not even going to get into the battery debacle), what is she good for? She started off as a good shot, and then suddenly forgot how to use her gun.

So I'm a male player, and I chose to save Doug. Because he was defenseless and I thought homegirl could hold her own. I was wrong, and I don't even miss her.

That's my rant of the day.
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  • Carly was out of ammo and needed your help to reload. This was obvious. If you missed it then you were not paying close enough attention to the scene.
  • I saved Doug on my second playthrough, Carley on my first :)
  • I love that we have two rival threads, one that's pro-saving Doug and one that's pro-saving Carly. Clearly people are very opinionated on the matter.
  • I chose to save Doug because I liked him better than Carley. But I am planning on playing through it again and save Carley this time around
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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Last meme didn't take. Maybe this one does. :D
  • vainamoinen;607112 said:

    last meme didn't take. Maybe this one does. :d
  • while my mom watched i saved doug on the one hand he's shown screwing a laptop so maybe he can fix Clems Walkie Talkie on the other hand when he offers his energy bar he calls it half eaten even if Carleys is half eaten as well she didnt mention it.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    CapnJay;607198 said:
    even if Carleys is half eaten as well she didnt mention it.
    Well, we may assume that, if you chose Doug, Carley is at least half eaten by now. :D
  • I think saving the person who knows your past can be an asset, not a hindrance. With Doug alive and Larry on your ass, there's no one to think the issue through with. "I have to take out Larry." "WTF, why Lee!?" "...". With Carly alive, Lee has someone to discuss the Larry issue with. I think those who saved her will find building a relationship with her an asset, not a threat.
  • deff agree with jodafire but ya the gun thing is a huge decision with the walkers around how could u even think about risking the possibility of losing that gun now we can argue to get another gun but u can not assume there is a gun shop around the corner with guns and ammo still left! and why in the hell is everyone saying doug because of his tech knowledge!! ok i understand your choice is your choice but deffend it better than that i would rather have old dead eye (carley) that is not afraid to pull the trigger still around then somone that has a endless amount of knowledge with computer,it,tech,knowledge stuff in a world that has/will have NO ELECTRICITY to run or operate the things he has advanced knowledge on that would come to use to the group!!!!! plus always repopulation female price of gold male price of tin
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