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Refund assistance/Unanswered ticket

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Hey guys,

I've submitted a support ticket (58581) on 26/4/2012 regarding a refund, but I'm yet to hear anything. The Walking Dead has been removed from my account, but that's all so far. I don't want to file a paypal claim, but with that said, there's only a limited window for that, so I'm going to have to do it if no-one gets back to me in the next few days. I have sent through another support ticket (58924), but I thought I'd post here as well, just so it's not missed. Hoping to hear from you soon.
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  • I sent you a reply on April 30'th. You say you don't want to file a Paypal claim, but you did just that on April 26'th at 1:47pm PST. At which point your order was automatically canceled in our system, pending resolution of the dispute.
  • My apologies, Mike, seems like some wires got crossed somewhere. Nothing came through, and I've checked my junk filter too - still nothing. Perhaps the reply was affected by the same issue that was preventing Steam key emails from reaching people? I filed a paypal dispute, which is an indication to you that I'd like a refund, but at that point it's still a matter for us to work out. It's the escalation to a claim (which is where Paypal steps in to resolve things) that I wanted to avoid, as I wasn't sure if it would incur any kind of mark against TTG. Would you like to discuss this here, or via email?

    EDIT: Or perhaps via PM, seeing as emails are proving to be somewhat unreliable
  • Everything worked out (via PM), thanks again Mike!
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