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Help! "Abe Lincoln Must Die!" bug?

posted by stevesan on - last edited - Viewed by 580 users
Hi all,
Playing through S1E4, and I think I encountered a bug.


I can't click on the stack of flyers below Abe Lincoln! The walkthroughs all say I need to pick one of those up...but I can't click on them! When I mouse over, Lincoln himself gets activated. What's going on?

I'm playing the free version via Steam.

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  • try closing the game and rebooting it stuff like that all ways happen to me.
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    I don't know of any bugs that would cause this (in the Steam version or in our version). Is there a chance you already picked one up? Check your inventory just in case there's already a flier in there.

    Also it might help to turn "pop-up text" on in the game options (if it's not on already) so you can make sure that you're clicking on the fliers, and not on Lincoln.
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