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Replay Games Kickstarter / KQ/SQ/LSL Rights

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Bit off topic, but someone from Replay Games mentioned trying to get the rights to King's Quest in their Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter comments. Also SPACE QUEST!

Replay Games about 1 hour ago
@Perdition - we're way ahead of you!! Scott is ready to jump on board, we already spoke to him. Mark, however, can't since he works for Foundation 9, a developer / publisher and he would have a "conflict of interest" as he put it. Having said that, however, the last game, Space Quest 6, was all Scott & Josh (no Mark Crowe involvement) so we think we can hold pretty true to the SQ franchise with those two geniuses on board. We're in the middle of negotiating the rights for King's Quest as well as Space Quest & Police Quest too. :) It all depends on the success of this first game, though.....everybody wants to see how much demand is out there.

Doesn't mean much.. Unless Telltale is passing on the franchise? They ought to jump on that before Replay gets the muppets back together!
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  • "Essentially Larry 3 wrapped everything up very nicely. He said he didn't really know how to begin part 4, and one day it occured to him that if he skipped pat 4 he culd start Larry anywhere he wanted with a wink towards part 4 as where it all went wrong."

    Right, that's essentially his explanation in the Larry Scrapbook and the Official Book of Larry, IIRC.

    One of the plot lines in LSL5, IIRC, was the stolen game disks of LSL4, by one of the villains in the game.
  • We made it! We've reached $650,000 with less than one hour to go. That means a new location, with new characters and puzzles, more plot and jokes and a new girl to woo!
  • Congrats to the Larry crew!

    Jane's campaign is getting really close--plus she announced today that there's definitely going to be a second game this year!
  • Sigh.

    Really? Mystery Game X?

    Okay - I am a backer on this. I am. But this whole Kickstarter Campaign has been a bit of a shit show from the start.

    Kickstarters rules explicitly say that it is NOT used for fundraising for a company - which is exactly what this thing started out as. A Kickstarter for "Pinkerton Road", a game company. So there's that.

    Then, they say they have three ideas of what to do, and give vague ideas about that. Eventually, the choose Moebius, which is the most interesting looking choice of all (in this gamers opinon).

    Still, it's a loosey goosey campaign. Basically predicated on the fact that it's "Jane Jensen's Idea".

    That's crap - to go and ask people for money like that, without a solid plan? It's crap. And NOW, they're telling us that they're making a game, which they won't tell us the name of, but they still want our money?

    This thing fuggin' reeks, and though I'm contributing merely because I want to see more adventure games produced and enhance the community as a whole, this campaign has been run poorly.

  • Bt, those are reasons why I believe her campaign hasn't made a lot lot of money yet.

    Seriously, she only has ~4k backers at present, while Al Lowe has >14k of them (on Kickstarter alone.)

    More than a few people have said they didn't originally know what her kickstarter was for, and that all comes down to bad marketing strategy (not the least of which is having a front page banner image that shows nothing about the campaign more than Jane's photo.)

    EDIT: Also, concerning the campaign's main video, it originally followed her daughter "trying to find Jane to get an interview," but Jane didn't even appear in the video until like 2/3 or more of the way through.

    I agree-- her campaign really has been managed poorly.
  • I have to agree. I didn't plegde my money among the first people, as I really had hard time grasping what I was going to get with the money. There was talk about three games, but the amount the were gathering was so small, I didn't think it was realistic.
  • I thought it was pretty clear at the start. Jane Jensen was wanting to get at least one adventure game made. That's all I needed to understand. I went straight for the $50 level because it offered the most for my budget, with at least one game and a kid's ebook/game included. The additions to that level have only sweetened the deal, plus the guarantee of a second adventure game.

    It's certainly a hell of a lot less ambiguous than Tim Schafer's kickstarter.
  • Yeah, they said they wanted to make one adventure game, but it should have been clear from the start. This thing was just launched into, and decisions were made along the way as to what would happen. It's just a bit slipshod. I know they have big ideas, but they should have picked one game from the start - talked about how they needed funding for that game, and if it was succesful it would "Kickstart" a company and the concept of Community Funded Gaming.

  • They made it seem from the start that they were making more than one game hence the wording that you get the choice of ONE game they make during the year... or higher tiers get ALL the games that year... Pretty much implies that we would be funding more then one game...

    Now they are saying they got some other funding from elsewhere to make game X and that we are just paying for Moebius and we are getting game x as a bonus..... We were already getting two games... Should that secret funder and secret game be separate from the games we are funding anyway? What happened to the second game the Kickstarters where funding?

    also... Josh Mandel and Al Lowe mentioned Jane's kickstarter multiple times asking people to help fund her project as well, I do not think anyone from Jane's camp returned the favor.. sort of tarnishes my enthusiasm in Jane's project to be honest.

    Still looking forward to it.. and still funding generously ($100) but I sort of feel like they are purposely misleading us.... I think they want people to think they got the rights to make Gabriel Knight as their game x to try and get people to pledge more money.

    I am looking forward to her games whatever they may be.. but I do not like being taken for a fool.
  • Irishmile;607725 said:
    They made it seem from the start that they were making more than one game hence the wording that you get the choice of ONE game they make during the year... or higher tiers get ALL the games that year... Pretty much implies that we would be funding more then one game...
    At the start of the campaign only one game was promised if the main Kickstarter target was achieved and if $600k was raised then a second game would be made as well, out of the 2 remaining project ideas (what was left after Mobius was chosen as the first game). Once it look like it'll barely hit $300k let alone 600 I guess they thought that they would rather get outside funding for the second game rather than hope they double the Kickstarter fund.

    As the 2nd game is being funded from an external publisher then I would imagine it's less likely that it'll be either of the two remaining game ideas (if it is one of them then it's probably Gray Matter 2 as that would be a better choice for an outside publisher). Simply there isn't a lot we know about the mystery project and that's probably due to the fact that an external publisher is funding it. Hopefully we'll find out if it's a publisher pushed idea or an idea that Jane has taken to a publisher and they've said yes to it. As much as I would like Gabriel Knight 4 I highly doubt it'll happen this year - I feel Activision are a bit more stingy and restrictive when it comes to lending out their licences.
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