Anyone agree with me here?

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Just recently I stumbled upon my old copy of Lucas Arts' Full Throttle ... After destroying it in just a few hours (because for some reason my youth memories are still in tact and knew exactly what to do to progress in the game) I came to the realization that SOMEBODY NEEDS to do a remake of this terrific game... then instantly, i started fantasizing about tell tale games doing this because lets be honest, what other game company could give this great title justice...
aaanyways... im new to this TTG forum as of like 5 minutes ago... if theres something that resembles a "like" or thumbs up button on this forum, and you agree with what i just said, PLEASE mash the crap out of said buttons, and maybe..... just maybe... our dreams may come true =D

also... may the belated fourth be with you !


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    There are quite a few LucasArts franchises that could use rereleases, updates, sequels, but alas, they seem content to sit on their older licenses and do nothing with them. I don't know about this idea though, NOBODY replaces Mark Hamill and I don't think anybody but Tim should mess with his stuff.
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    I'm with Johro on this. If anyone should do a remake, it ought to be Tim Schafer and Double Fine. Tim Schafer also have a pretty good idea of which elements didn't work out so well in the original game, and which direction he originally wanted to go with the game. Though with Roy Conrad dead and the license in the hands of LucasArts, I don't think there's much chance of this happening any time soon.
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    Since Lucasarts pulled the plug on the (as far as I know) almost finished sequel the chance of seeing a new game are practically none.

    Although I think that Schafer went back to similair territories with Brutal Legend.
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    Anyone heard of the new biker game Ride To Hell: Retribution? I can't help but seeing many similarities with Full Throttle. Guess it's inevitable since they are both about bikers but one can't still help but wonder if the developers have played Schafers masterpiece and creating an updated version of it has been one of their goals.

    RTH:R cover
    FT cover

    RTH:R fighting
    FT fighting

    It can obviously turn out to be coincidences with this only being a standard action game set among bikers. Time will tell.
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