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Could The Walking Dead be the second Telltale licence to get more than one season?

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So Telltale are doing a season of The Walking Dead. Now we know next to nothing about the game so far so it may sound greedy to ask for more than one season already but in this case I think it's keeping in line with the text.

Robert Kirkman, writer and creator of The Walking Dead said in his introduction to the comics:
For me the worst part of every zombie movie is the end. I always want to know what happens next. Even when all the characters die at the end... I want it to keep going.

More often than not, zombie movies feel like a slice of a person's life shown until whoever is in charge of the movie gets bored. So we get to know the character, they have an adventure and then, BOOM, as soon as things start getting good... those pesky credits start rolling.

The idea behind THE WALKING DEAD is to stay with the character, in this case, Rick Grimes for as long as humanly possible. I want The Walking Dead to be a chronicle of years of Rick's life. We will NEVER wonder what happens to Rick next, we will see it. The Walking Dead will be the zombie movie that never ends.

Well... not for a good long time at least.
If Telltale only did one season it would seem to be going against what The Walking Dead is all about. Though the game would obviously need to be successful to justify more than one season.

Now for the record I'd like to see more Monkey Island but if that becomes an impossibility because of LusasArts going back to the dark side of the force then I think The Walking Dead would make the most sense for the second multi-season Telltale game.
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  • I think alot of telltale game virgins don't realise they only make episodic games they see the walking dead and think cool and sign up with out doing any research.

    dunno if they are just stupid/gullible or expect everything to be done a certain way. maybe think the world is flat too...
  • Woodsyblue;454373 said:
    Now for the record I'd like to see more Monkey Island but if that becomes an impossibility because of LusasArts going back to the dark side of the force then I think The Walking Dead would make the most sense for the second multi-season Telltale game.
    both would be nice :)
  • Could TWD get more than one season? Sure! The critical reception to the first episode was pretty solid, getting a mean rating of 8/10 or equivalent. If the commercial reception (read: sales) falls in line and the quality of future episodes for this season doesn't waiver, I think Telltale potentially has a bonafide, long term hit on its hands.

    Should TWD actually get more than one season? Well, it's too early to tell in my opinion. Though I thought the first episode was fantastic and have played it multiple times, past history is no indication of future results. I predict that there will be at least one episode this season that will disappoint fans in some way or another. It's bound to happen, particularly given the varying story arcs based on your decisions. The fact that the bar has been raised so high from this episode is another factor to consider.

    Nevertheless, if they can consistently put out episodes that are highly regarded in both critical and commercial circles and there is more compelling story to tell, TWD will likely see a season 2... and 3, 4, etc. as long as those factors continue to fall in line.

    The only thing that may prevent future seasons from appearing, regardless of reception and quality, is the licensing once the first season is complete. We have no idea how far the Telltale contract extends with the comics creators. Is there an option to renew? Can the creators seek greener pastures regardless of the success/failure of the Telltale episodes? Those can play a major factor in future seasons as well, even if everything else turns out right.

    As a fan, I'm eager to play and (hopefully) enjoy the subsequent episodes in this season before even thinking about a season 2.
  • I kind of doubt there will be a season number 2 in the sense that we follow Lee for another season. But I'm guessing there very well might be another multiple-story-arc following a completely different, and unknown, person. First of all.. I'm guessing the writers allready have the story written, and Lee's fate sealled, allready before the first episode. But even if he isn't killed off at last, there might be a game mechanic-problem. As I get it telltale is experimenting whit this new decision system (don't get me wrong, I love it), but they might figure out by episode 5 that the amount of work in maintaining a multiple branch-story like that is simply too much. If we were to follow Lee in a second season, the second season would have to base their game on the choices made in the first season. In other words, there would be more and more branches, and more and more work per new episode.
  • My bet season 2 follows Lilly :)
  • i was wondering after episode 5 is there season 2
    i think there is going to be season 2
    tell me what you guys think
  • I'd love for there to be a season 2, maybe in the future :)
  • On the one hand i want ten million seasons of Walking Dead game!
    On the other hand imagine if all ten million Seasons are about Lee and Clementine then there will be 70 million decisions to incorporate. So if they do more seasons it should be about diffrent protagonists and characters. a 5 episode season for each season {thus limiting how much work they have to do on the diffrent decisions and all. Maybe crossing over diffrent seasons characters. Like if 2010 is when lees story ends in episode 5 then we meet up with Lee/Clementine in Season 3 in 2012 for an episode before they part.
  • it would be sooo nice but then you have to buy the episodes again
  • Things that will get them to make a Season 2:
    • Let Kirkman(as he's sole rights owner) know you like this
    • Let Telltale know you like this BY BUYING IT
    • Hope and Pray
    • ????
    • Profit
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