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[WD] Purchased and downloaded Part 1....

posted by bluebacker63 on - last edited - Viewed by 168 users
..but after loading when i click 'Click to Continue' a narrow blinking band appears on the screen and I can't see the login box.....

I've uninstalled and re-installed the dice.

i have a high end Dell gaming machine that runs anything you want it to smooth as silk (well, other than Walking Dead).

Any suggestions? Anyone else run into this glitch?

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  • Some ideas...

    1. Are your graphics drivers up to date? I know, this shouldn't matter for the display of a simple login box, but it may in fact solve your problem. This is especially true if it has been awhile since you updated them.

    2. What about background applications and software? Are you running anything that could be taking over your graphics card (like image editing software) or doing real-time file scanning (like anti-virus)? Try disabling/closing any applications running in the background.

    3. You mentioned uninstalling and reinstalling the game... have you tried re-downloading it? The possibility exists that the download may have corrupted for some reason and this broken login box is the symptom of that.

    Some things to do/affirm when installing the game:

    1. Make sure you are logged in as a local administrator on your system. Local users with limited permissions, or domain users, can sometimes botch an install even if it appears that everything went fine.

    2. Make sure that any software that uses real-time file scanning is disabled or turned off. This includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, and 3rd party firewall and network intrustion software. Once the game has been installed/activated, you should be able to turn these things on again.

    3. If you are running Windows Vista / 7, you could try turning UAC (User Access Control) off while installing. Alternatively, you could run the install as administrator by right clicking on the installer and clicking the "Run as administrator" command.
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