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If you've ever been part of game design thread

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So I was wondering how many people here have actually participated in game design before? It'd be interesting to see what your opinion of peoples complaining about dates and features and design is if you've had experience in the field

I have actually been involved in two Games Design.

Both I worked for Free

one game is free to play the other is a pay game

The free one is called "Necroquest: Deluxe"

My roles in it were twofold.
1. Voice Acting the Villain of the game if you look up the trailer you can see my character drinking coffee at the end and talking in a blooper.
2. Editing Dialogue for all characters.
Unfortunately I have yet to play the one with my own voice in it thanks to a crappy computer.

The Second game I worked on was Enter The Story's The Divine Comedy

My Role in it was to write Descriptions for every character in Hell and Purgatory as my reward {besides a credit that may or may not be there since at the time it was coming out he forgot to add it but since he's added expansions he may have added my name} I got a Cameo in a black and white game as a bit of red and green in the Suicide forest of Hell. So check it out

But anyway thats my contributions to game design and what influences me when I think about other peoples game designs. what is yours?
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  • Voice acting for a Harry Potter parody adventure game called Warthogs.

    Character design, animation, and background artwork for Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator.

    Beta testing on Spooks.

    Character animation for Indiana Jones and the Passage of the Saints.

    Voice acted Indiana Jones for Oceanspirit Dennis: The Full Name Of This Game Won't Fit In The Subject Line.

    Did barely any but some concept artwork for an unfinished project called Space Ruckus.

    Did unfinished writing, some concept art, and consulting for a project called Picaroon: The Lost Years. I'll be honest: I barely did any work though and just managed to piss off people who could have given me good recommendations in my future had I not lacked any responsibility period.

    I've worked on several other deceased projects, and am currently working on A Night at Camp Ravenwood and Kinky Island.
  • Bugtracking in a project of one of my friends. I find the weirdest shit in programs & games...
  • Did a TC of the original Prince of Persia entitled 'KX: Out of Time'. Created new art for the characters and half the backgrounds, as well as new level designs. Really should get back to that at some point...

    Also dabbled in making maps for Duke 3D, and building adventure games in AGS. Should get back to those as well...
  • Most of my experience is from my time at university. In my second year I designed and created a small & basic 2D side scrolling shooter. That took about 3 months. The 2nd half of the year (about 4 and a bit months) was spent designing and creating a 3D demo, but mine was very incomplete, having only managed to create the actual game world and basic usable avatar (in the form of a biplane) in the allocated time. I remember I was struggling with collision detection when I had to hand it in.

    In my final year I would have done a lot more design work (both as part of a team and solo) if I hadn't completely messed up the year and as a consequence my degree. All because I couldn't bring myself to ask for help. But that's another thing altogether.
  • Bahaha! My experience in Game Design is practically zero! XD

    Worked with Game Maker when I was younger.
    (So I have a little basic coding knowledge. Variables, if statements, drawing code bla bla bla)

    Made a few little games and demos, nothing concrete though.

    Come up with lots of ideas over the years. Some on Paper, some on PC, nothing developed enough to get a project going.
    (Uni + being by myself make any project hard to get off the ground. Plus I get distracted by all the games I have! XD)

    I AM a pretty good tinkerer though.
    Not coding, but I put things together and research into things a lot.

    Practically rebuilt my arcade machine's innards (new PC, new parts, new software, some new buttons/joysticks).

    And I use homebrew (PSP/Caanoo/DS) and softmodded a few consoles (Xbox, Wii, PSP, DS).

    I have my ears open to all sorts of new software, hardware, development kits, so once I get the right opportunity, I'd leap on it like a hungry cat! HAHA! XD


    Doing a business degree at the moment (probably going to quit that. Just terrible at exams & managing coursework (not great sign I know! XD)), so I have a good level of business knowledge and good common sense.

    Read a lot of gaming news each day. So I know whats going on pretty well.

    EDIT 2: Looking to get back into it though.
    Today I bought 2 pads of graph paper, and some highlighter pens.
    Grabbed some more stuff around the house and put it into a clear pencil case/bag thing.

    Pencils, Pens, Highlighter pens, ruler.

    Might do a platformer or something top-down.
    (Just plans really. I never get anything concrete in my ideas, so I plan to sit at the table some more, by myself with some papers and pens ect.)

    Going back to basics, set myself an hour or two to do stuff might help out.
    (Might have to read LevelUP! book again)
  • Just voice acting(1 villain, 1 misdirection character) and some minor story/dialogue input.
  • Hobby-level text adventure design and implementation -- in BASIC back on the TRS-80 around 1980, more recently in Inform.
  • I did the character portraits for The Blackwell Deception.

    I've also done some beta testing and uh...I've dabbled a bit with Little Big Planet if that counts. :p
  • BlankCanvasDJ;609522 said:
    I did the character portraits for The Blackwell Deception.
    Hey, great work! By sheer coincidence I am currently playing The Blackwell Deception, and I really like the "acting" your portraits pull off. Especially with rarely-seen, hard-to-visualize modes like "quizzical" and "annoyed." :) They all seem like real human beings, and complement Dave's writing really well.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I made an adventure game when I was in high school in 1997 with Klik 'n' Play called The Adventures of Gus and Rob.

    When I released it, Netmonkey from Stollesoft liked it and gave me a voice role in Beware of the Aliens in 1998.

    I made sprites for an unreleased version of a Burger Time clone in 2005.

    For actual companies, I did beta testing for The Realm from Sierra and EverQuest from Sony in the 1990's.
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