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Steam Sale Spotlight

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Hereupon exists a place to discuss current Steam Spotlight deals and your opinion of the games' value and/or the sale price.
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  • Already bought the dream machine this morning.
  • der_ketzer;609715 said:
    Already bought the dream machine this morning.
    You're in for a treat if you haven't played it before. I got it for my birthday about a year ago. Unfortunately the episodes are really far between, but I got the impression they're working on the last two episodes simultaneously, so hopefully they'll be able to wrap up the story this year.
  • figmentPez;607261 said:
    Arkham City has a GOTY version coming in September. That's what I'm waiting for.
    Hmm . I read on another forum , that it will come out on 29th of this month with the last DLC ( Harley Quinn's Revenge )

    edit : for the consoles .

    PC release : 07.09.2012
  • Today's Daily Deal is the Commandos Collection. The first three titles, and the stand-alone expansion for the first game. Individually 80p / $1, or £2.40 / $3 as a package. At that price, I highly recommend them.
  • Amazon has Serious Sam games on sale and they redeem on Steam:
    - Serious Sam 3 BFE $9.99
    - SS the Random Encounter $1.24
    - SS Double D $1.99
    - Serious Sam 2 $2.49
    - SS HD: The First Encounter $3.74
    - SS HD: The Second Encounter $4.99

    Some are available in a 4-pack for sharing with friends.
  • ...obligatory mention that you need to live in the US (or have a US based card, wink) to use Amazon downloads.
  • Gah, bloody new work hours.

    Today's Daily Deal is Lucid, a puzzle game I know nothing about. 1.24, whatever your currency (grr).

    Also, there's a bunch of DLC for Anno 2070 out today. It's not on offer, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
  • Darth Marsden;610186 said:
    Today's Daily Deal is Lucid, a puzzle game I know nothing about.
    At first I was like "nice, a puzzle game", but then I checked the Steam store page and I was like "oh, fuck no". Is there really a need for more games like this?
  • Gamersgate has this nice little sale going on here

    Most notably is Just Cause 2 which is $3.74 separate and $6.25 with ALL the DLC...

    My thoughts. Hot dang! I got this for 360, but I am still getting this for PC tomorrow, such a good deal AND such a fun game! Just don't get it if you have XP. Apparantly it doesn't work on that IIRC.
    EDIT:Anyone know how long this deal is? I can't get it tonight...
    And perhaps anyone that owns the DLC say which ones are good and which to avoid?
  • Today's Daily Deal is mini ninjas, a third-person 'platformer' about... well, guess. £2.49 / $3.74.

    I'd recommend this - I've been having a lot of fun with the PS3 version.

    Midweek Madness is twofold this week, with both 'games' being half price.

    Plants vs. Zombies is £1.75 / $2.49, while Dear Esther is £3.49 / $2.49. Hence the quotes around 'game'.

    Also, Sonic 4: Episode II is out now. Joy, or something. I guess.
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