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Rate the Last Game You Finished

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Title says it all. Rate the last video game you completed.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - 9.5/10
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  • der_ketzer;608182 said:
    I can relate to that. Because I did the same.
    Also I'd never use a drug in a game if I can avoid it. So no fisstech for Geralt.
    I tried it because I thought that it might behave like being drunk but only for longer so that I could have even crazier fights. But I was wrong and lost about three hundred gold as a result. After that I just stuck to drinking all the alcohol I picked up and watching Geralt slowly stagger around.

    Also, Legend of Grimrock. The end boss fight would have been much better if there weren't those stupid scavengers scuttling around and boxing me in. Then, I might not have felt so compelled to jump into the first pit I found. I would have preferred to have four or five slowly respawning Goromogs or something running around instead of the little bastards we got.
  • Chrono Trigger - 10/10

    Completed. Got the official ending wherein the Epoch is still intact.
  • Batman: Arkham City 9/10
    This has to be the best action game I ever played. For 38 hours. (including getting almost all Riddler trophies). They did the same thing as in the previous game: Create a world full of things for fans of the comics / series. Unfortunately the DLC packs are quite useless right now. I enjoyed some of the Batman costumes but they cannot be used before you complete the main story. Bullshit!
    The challenge maps & character bundles (nightwing & Robin) are completely overpriced. Even on sale. If they did something similar to the Catwoman DLC it would have been fine.
  • Did I ever do one for Infernal: Hell's Vengeance? 'cause I finished that yesterday. For the third time. Bloody non-stackable achievements... But anyway.

    Infernal: Hell's Vengeance - 6/10

    I was debating on whether to give this a 6 or a 7, because the core gameplay's actually pretty solid. it's your standard third-person shooter made by some "never heard of them" European developer, but it actually plays pretty well. The shooting is solid, the tactic of absorbing corpses to regain health and ammo helps drive combat forward, the abilities you gain throughout the game are entertaining to use and the plot... well, it's hilariously bad.

    It's been really awkwardly translated and voiced by people who aren't entirely comfortable speaking English (though thankfully the main character is pretty competent), meaning you have a supposed Russian antagonist who says every line without a hint of emotion or accent, brilliant lines from the enemy forces including such gems as "Strike him dead!" and "Assault - over and out", and an guy who may be the Devil or just a demon... it's never made clear.

    The reason I didn't score it higher is that the XBox version of the game suffers from some awful aiming, there's NO autosaves whatsoever, the plot's incredibly confusing and, worst of all, there's no shotguns. How do you have a third-person shooter without shotguns? FAIL.
  • Portal 2 7/10

    It's not really a bad game but as a follow up to the second best game of all time it's just disappointing. Everything that made the first game good has been changed.

    ° The first game had a perfect length for what it was. Portal 2 is 3-4 times that long

    ° Puzzles could be solved in several ways --> not in Portal 2

    ° You had to think --> You just search the single white spot on the wall and try what it does

    ° Don't get me started on what they did to GlaDOS. She had 3-4 jokes that she repeated until they weren't funny any more. Murderer, fat, adopted...

    ° The commentary was awful in Portal 2. Just compare it to the one in the first game where they explain every design decision that they then changed in Portal 2. Seriously listen to the Portal 1 commentary you can learn a lot about good design of a 3D puzzle game from that one. NBot in Portal 2 though.

    There were sections in Portal 2 that I just don't need. The worst section is the one where you manipulate her death traps. You just follow the blue orb of annoyance without any choice. They even make this section completely dark so you must follow him.

    This game starts to shine in the second half though. All thanks to one man: Cave Johnson! He is what I wanted GlaDOS to be in this game. Also the gel tests were extremely cool. Once you get the white gel you can have so much fun covering the whole level in it. Man was it good. But then they got GlaDOS back into the game and it goes downhill from there again.

    They start holding your hands more but at least blue annoyance-orb gets a little less annoying. His test chambers offer a challenge once again. At least a few of them. Then they stop those for yet another escape segment where they commit this atrocity. Really? I tested it. You cannot fail this one as long as you shoot a portal at the (again like so many times) only white panel you see.
    Why create these big exterior levels when you just make the player search for the on white wall that he must shoot a portal on? That's a complete waste.

    Now that they made the level creator DLC finally the game delivers on well designed test chambers (and a lot of utter crap ones...) that actually made you think because the creators of these didn't feel the need to change them if the testers didn't get the solution in 2 minutes.

    Well the game still had a lot of good moments and no matter how many times I see it the turret opera still gives me goosebumps all over when I see it.

    Well here we are again,
    Reviewing Portal 2 now,
    Remember when tried to play it twice?

    Oh, how we laughed and laughed,
    Except I wasn’t laughing,
    Under the circumstances I’ve been shockingly nice.

    You want your fanboys take them,
    That’s what I’m counting on,
    I used to want play you,
    Now I only want you gone.
    Now I only want you gone.
    Now I only want you... Gone.

    Edit: Man was I looking forward to playing this game. It was the first game I installed and tried on my new PC just to create a shiny BSOD every time I started it because my processor was to new. Thanks for that.
  • B.U.T.T.O.N. -1/10
    This game is making a strange mistake. It thinks a normal gamer has at least one real life friend to play this in local co-op. This is wrong. Gamers have no friends.


    To increase the rage there are some stupid achievements to get.

    ° Be lucky: there is a 1 in a million chance to get this achievement. Good luck.
    ° Play the game actively for 8 hours

    I played it until my keyboard crashed and wouldn't accept any button presses any more. That took 25 minutes.
  • Torchlight 2: Beta -/10
    Only chapter 1 available, level capped at 21 and I had so much fun blowing mobs to bits. On the same level as Diablo 2 & even better than the first one. Simply fantastic but still has a few bugs with the levels. Had a bad placement of 2 rocks with my first character that blocked my progress completely. Second try only had a few monsters spawning out of reach. They are working heavily on fixing those bugs.

    No rating since it's still in beta but what I saw looked and felt great. Just the ARPG I have been waiting for since I got tired of Diablo 2 and they cancelled Mythos.

    They will start a server stress test tomorrow. Apply for it (after the stress test the beta will be over!)
  • Alice the madness 8/10

    cool game really fun the controls were a little fussy but other than that its a good game it would be nice if they did a second one id totally play it:D
  • You could always go play the first one. It's a bit dated now, but I just have to mention that Madness Returns IS a sequel to McGee's Alice.

    I recently finished Alan Wake. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Yes, the combat system gets a bit tiring, but I think this game had the perfect amount of weapons. Too many games these days suffer from giving you too many. I might be a bit biased because I got my shotgun though. Except for a few dialogue choices, I found the story fairly immersive and well done. Let's say 8.5/10. Things could have been better...but it was fun.
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