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Your Highness the Collinson the concept Chodo

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Mengxi and Lee, the degree of father and son do not know is that this Shangguan Hong is today Prince --- the Shangguan Hong Hui, yesterday has shown signs of mengxi, heart love, they do not want to expose their identity to frighten him, only to fade name the last word, claiming Shangguan Hong. At this time, do yard of the Prince, the Lord Taitzu studying Yi Chun Tang's pills.
Mengxi do not know, she was sworn in the deer Dingshan happened Yoshie is today Prince - Shang Hung Fai
Shang Hong Hui, sitting in the library, frowned hands playing with the egg cold Pill, looked up to see the child come in small mechanized salute going on, casually asked:
Send someone to check. "
Back to the Prince, nfl jerseys china I return to the government to send someone to check the background of this Rhythm Dongchundang people out there who has not come back, to how they have required some hour, I have Prince to buy pills sent too the hospital, that Lee the the imperial Yixianzhixia, was greatly surprised that the world as much as people do not have refining the system out of pills, said yes and so the hospital all good studies, to give the Prince's reply "
Just then, I saw a small eunuch came in the newspaper:
"Lee imperial counselor Li-chan asked to see the Prince, are outside waiting for the
Soon, I saw Li-chan, and a look of excited Li imperial go one after the other came in, they seen the ceremony to Prince Edward, the Prince ordered the gift imperial Li has just sat down, and we rush the Prince's hand over said:
"His Royal Highness the morning of people to send too hospital medicine, the minister thought so cheap drugs are mixed with a fake, then too the hospital staff carefully identified some really genuine medicine, casually took out a pieces, in the large daughter of Qi are hard to find, I do not know why that Yi Dongchundang could even sell so cheap, His Royal Highness met and that Yi Chun Tang Pharmaceutical, please Highness for Tameomi introductions, so Warren, if you miss It is a pity. "
"This pharmaceutical is the master of the the Yee Dongchundang behind, the king and this person is only one side of the edge of said one like leaving no uncertainty, like to wander through today morning left Binh Duong, Lee imperial view of this drug is indeed hard to find Tai Qi Qi drug? "
"Back to His Royal Highness, wholesale nfl jerseys Collinson view of this drug is really big the Qi hard to find the odd drug, I do not know, Prince still remember the year before the Queen Mother wanted refining beauty Dan, had decreed that the convening of a world celebrities, gathered in too hospital and consuming a variety of odd Rare grass too numerous to mention, spending a year-long, and finally refining only a dozen tablets, there was a moment in the harem and the ruling and opposition uproar, that every one beauty Dan are astronomical, only the Queen Mother The Queen was equipped with ordinary people want is immune saw, let alone the, Collinson concept preparation of pills, actually had too hospital refining pill is similar, but more magical, and a wide range of inexpensive, Prince, if we can get this person to get the recipe, or this, as much as dug up a pot of gold. "
Imperial Li finished, anxiously watching Prince, but see Prince pondered in silence, and sometimes not good urging, when the side of the Li-chan spoke and said:
"Your Highness the Collinson the concept Chodo, Yan Wang Empress support, the officials of the six provinces, mostly with gangs, the Ouyang family vested Yan Wang, Chen also heard that, Lee has also very close with Yan Wang the relationship between heating mei is unknown, said Yan Wang intends satisfied that Lee Ka-daughter side of the Princess, great became the meaning of even the rationale for, seeing Yan Wang sinister design, growing bigger forces, nfl jerseys cheap existing and His Royal Highness the potential of an indisputable xiaojia two classic oath made it clear that Paul Highness, but Xiao real principal Xiao great master so far unknown attitude, the minister on several occasions about Xiaoer Ye see that Xiao Erye body healed on the grounds, refused to meet, minister to worry about once Yan king got the upper hand, that xiaojia may homes single-car case, the two classic is a waste sub to less xiaojia economic support His Royal Highness will inevitably be more potential single large Sarkozy's economic lifeline, all four the hands of a large family, even if His Royal Highness identity and honor, without their support and want a piece of it is difficult to pharmaceutical hand BES hard to find the recipe, this recipe is that the source of wealth, His Royal Highness, if this person to hire your power, pharmaceutical secret shortcut in your hands is an amassed wealth of His Highness Day Houdeng Ji lay a solid material foundation for the recipe in hand, we do not have to curry favor with the family, not to mention , but also the odd drug solution to the pain of the world Li Shu, is to bribe the heart of the people, this is the BES is not the case the opportunity to minister to worry about, if Yan Wang about the incident, will fold means to attract this person is God Bless the Prince, until this person early in the Yan Wang sent to the Prince's side, His Royal Highness or early plans, pre-emptive as strong a good
"If you want that Xiao Lao Taijun below knee, only two sons, xiaojia the male scarce, she really willing to give up Xiao two classic over the door?"
"I do not know of His Royal Highness, [URL=""]wholesale jerseys from china /URL]the minister heard that Xiao Laotai Jun is a profession Women Current, but her means of knowledge as much as men, in order to keep the inheritance of xiaojia extraordinary times, and inevitably Laotai Jun makes the very means, more not to mention that Xiao two classic this is the concubines, and not the heir-apparent of the Lao Taijun, we had to prevent our Pingyang four son have never been eloquent better, but since the minister Paul Highness your Xiaoer Ye is ambiguous minister no longer as close as before, knowing that he recently di-tert-Paul you, but the minister Bierbuxian can be reflected in its evident. "
"Li's brother said, even just Fu Huang is most opposed to the clique of-court officials, Yan Wang recently forces, but also committed Fu Huang taboo, we do not edge too exposed, Yan Wang eager to succeed, will reveal flaws, as long as we are cautious, maintaining the status quo is the best policy. "
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