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  • RetroVortex;608802 said:
    From GOGs facebook:

    Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be available for pre-orders tomorrow!
    The game will be available 10% off for $17.99, but if you purchased Alan Wake on GOG.com, the second part is 25% off--that's $14.99 for a game you are not allowed to miss.

    EDIT: Either way, it looks like Alan Wake + American Nightmare works out about the same on GOG and Steam. (For the UK at least!)
    (Save on core game on GOG, but American Nightmare is a little cheaper on Steam)

    So essentially its DRM-Free GOG version vs Steam version.

    ooooohh... thats a toughie for some.
    (Not for me. Mind already made up!)

    EDIT 2: Deal is up, and its price matching Steam.
    (Which makes it the best deal! :D)

    GOG Wins.
    This is one of those awesome GOG sales! Going to buy it as wel speak! :)
  • Vainamoinen;609035 said:
    I'm still not sure whether I'll give the original Assassin's Creed a shot.
    The original Assassin's Creed... well, technically speaking, the design of the first AC is kinda flawed. Perhaps even REALLY flawed. In that regards, the next games of the series are a lot better. But it's a different experience, and there's something missing in the sequels that was present in the first AC, and... I'm a fan of the series since the original game was released (despite its flaws), but I still miss that elusive 'something' that was present in the first game. It's hard to define what things are those exactly, but... for example, the first AC is the only game in the series that you can actually normally complete with the HUD totally off (and that's a really awesome experience, in my opinion). You can't do that in AC2/ACB/ACR because you go 'and now where the **** do I need to go?' very often if the HUD's off... and stuff like that.
  • Today's releases are Zeus + Poseidon, a strategy game, and a little known RPG adventure game called Quest for Glory.
  • Gibbeynator;609284 said:
    Today's releases are Zeus + Poseidon, a strategy game, and a little known RPG adventure game called Quest for Glory.
    Correction: Quest for Glory I-V
    (Its a series)

    The Zeus & Poseidon bundle is not two games, but Zeus and its expansion Poseidon.

    (Just thought I'd clarify a few things)

    Needless to say I grabbed the Quest for Glory bundle to see what everyone keeps raving about! XD
  • Holy **** quest for glory on gog!!!!!!! Finally!!!!
  • Also, the new QFG collection on GoG comes with the original and remake of QFG1, unlike all the other Sierra adventure collections on Steam and GoG, which include only one or the other.
  • Weekend deal :

    1C Wonderful Classics 50% off

    Games in this offer :

    Fantasy Wars
    King's Bounty: The Legend
    Space Rangers
    Space Rangers 2: Dominators
    Star Wolves
    UFO: Afterlight
    UFO: Aftermath
    UFO: Aftershock
  • Today's got multiple new releases. You can pre-order Resonance, another Wadjet Eye Games adventure game. Then you can get FarCry 2: Fortune's Edition for ten bucks. And then, the big one. A certain classic Sierra game written by Al Lowe. You know him, you love him, you've wanted to see him return in true fashion for years, it's... Torin's Passage?
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