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Clementine Not So Smart?

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I found it funny that in the beginning of the game, Clementine tells us that she is eight years old, but later (on the farm), she mentions she is in first grade. Guess she's not too bright because most first graders are six, and a few are seven. She must have been held back.
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  • I think she is smart and has been advanced through the school system but is to small to go to high school so she was helping out in first grade and not wishing to boast she tell people that she is in first grade
  • She might not know interstellar fusion but Clementine has got Street Smarts and a Magnificent Fro. and Nobody insults her...... *Looks at other posts* so... i'm not the only one who feels overly protective of her?
  • In my country the reason most kids get held back in first grade is if they have too much energy left at the end of the year. Most kids energy slowly goes down over the years but if that hasn't gone down enough they hold the kid back so it will be on the same energy level (and thus won't annoy an entire class).

    That being said, Clementine actually does seem smart. (figuring out very quickly that the zombies can't climb, managing to survive for a few days by herself, saying first grade is easy, figuring out that the cane would probably be able to hold the door etc. etc.) So that can't be the reason. She also didn't strike me as a child that could be very energetic in class so that can't be the reason either. Maybe her parents moved around a lot?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I was 8 for the end of first grade, and it was just because I was born on the cusp of when kids were in which grade. I was one of the older kids in my class but my parents preferred that over me being one of the youngest kids in the class.

    *I might be off by a year and lying to you right now, though.
  • I was eight in first grade- I was held back in prsechool due to being blind.

    Last time I checked, I didn't think I was an idiot. Verification?
  • divisionten;611025 said:
    I was eight in first grade- I was held back in prsechool due to being blind.

    Last time I checked, I didn't think I was an idiot. Verification?

    Some cultures "count their years". For those in Computer Science, they know what I mean.

    'We' as North Americans tend to say a person who was born 13 years ago is 13 (years old), but some cultures would say they are 14 because they are in their 14th year. Maybe Clementine is asian. That or the developers messed up.
  • Maybe when her parents went away they told her she couldn't come with
    them because she was too young,and when she met Lee she didn't want to
    be left alone,so she lied about her age or it could be what Jake said.
  • there could be any number of reason why Clemintine is in first grade. she does seem to be smart though so I would think that maybe she started school late
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