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What about KQ appeals to you?

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What do you love about KQ--What do you love most? What draws you to the series, what are it's best points/features/etc? What drew you to it originally, and with what game did you first meet the series?
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  • the hat is cyan and green in those screenshots.
    from wikipedia
    In reference to the visible spectrum cyan is used to refer to the color obtained by mixing equal amounts of green and blue light or the removal of red from white light
    The window border is blue in the top image. So, when people look at those screenies and say that his hat is blue, I don't know how they can be so mistaken.

    Also, to go from cyan (or blue-green) to simply blue in other games, again usually throws me off--especially in such as the closeup shots in KQ5 and KQ6. You can't say that the 16 color palette is the reason his hat is cyan because, as I pointed out, the window border is blue while his hat is not.
  • Cyan is in the 'blue/green' range... Actually comes from a greek word when translated means; transliterated: kýanos, meaning "dark blue substance".

    It's pretty much one of the only two options for 'light' blue in 16 color pallete. True light blue usually gets used for other things onscreen like the sky or water shading.

    If you are slightly color blind it might look 'greener' to you, than towards the blue spectrum...

    Infact, cyan has been used on Graham's hat since the early games, because light blue was used for water or sky instead.

    Also the window border, is not even the same shade used in the 256 color games (or at least the dominate color)! They use a lighter powder blue, along with several other shades lighter and darker (depends on the game)...! Also those two shades of blue in the border are the ones you generally find in the sky or water in the 16-color KQ games!

    This is about as early of a Graham you can go for as far as in the Artwork, from the very first release of King's Quest;


    Also to say that 'cyan' is 'greenish' could be almost as mistaken as saying that it is true 'bluish' as well! It's certainly lighter than both blue, and lighter than green... But if you are comparing to other standard colors in the 16 color pallete... It certainly looks more like a 'light blue', than it does to a 'light green'... This is probably the reason why it was historically called 'cyan blue', rather than 'cyan green'.

    It's also probably why that particular shade of 'cyan' is also in modern usage called 'aqua', which literally means "blue".
    The words "aqua" and "cyan" are used interchangeably in computer graphics, and especially web design, to refer to the subtractive primary color "electric cyan". Traditionally that color, defined as #00FFFF in hex, or (0,255,255) in RGB, is called "cyan", but X11 color names introduced the alternative name "aqua". Later, W3C popularized the name by using it in the named color palette of HTML 3.2 specifications.

    Funny thing is 'light blue' is up to interpretation! As it comes in different shades, tints, tones and hues!
  • Blue is blue. Powder blue, light blue, dark blue... are shades of blue. Cyan in a 16 color palette is blue-green, which is equally as green as it is blue, therefore the hat in those images has green in it and and blue-green (cyan). No, I am not color blind. At all.

    My point is this:

    This hat color:

    is not remotely at all like this hat color:

    They are not obligated to use a different color for his hat than the sea or sky.
  • If you want to go more into the etymology of blue, Cyan can be subcategorized under 'blue'.
    In Modern English, "blue" is one of the basic colour terms, and one of the seven spectral colours, intermediate between violet (purple) and cyan. It comprises a considerable number of identifiable subcategories that can be identified with descriptive terms like navy blue (a dark blue), cyan blue (or "blue-green", on the boundary to the green range), or sky blue (azure).
    So ya 'cyan' can be be a subcategory of blue (use of the term 'aqua), or in its own category!

    There is actually a "green-blue" in some color lists, that actually looks more 'green' than than blue. It its often listed under "cyan' category as one of the variant shades, tints, hues, or tones...
    They are not obligated to use a different color for his hat than the sea or sky.
    Nah in the early games, if they used the same color as the sea or sky, Graham would turn invisible, or rather his hat and pants would (as the sky was pretty prominent part of the background (as Graham walks towards/through it to reach distant screens), and also lakes/oceans were everywhere)! Infact, there is an article that talks about designers trying to avoid using colors on animated sprites that are used in background to avoid that phenomena as best as possible... To make contrast.

    Case in point, the problem actually occurs in KQ2, because the sand on the beach is the same shade as Graham's skin (they just reused the sprite form KQ1)! So Graham literally can turn invisible in certan spots... Although as his skin areas are generally surrounded by his animated clothes or have contrast with other details like his eyes, its not nearly as bad as a problem, as they give the illusion of a border around the sprite. However, even still, if he stands still, parts of his body, especially his arms 'disappear'.

    Infact, its probably because of the need to have contrast with background elements, that Gwydion has such garrish color choice of cyan/magenta in KQ3! They start avoiding the issue somewhat, when they started adding dithering, and sprites with more details/colors/shading in Sci era.

    Have you realized that almost every playable character sprites (or characters who would follow your player) in the early KQ games (or other Sierra AGI games in general) either wore 'cyan', or one of the other unused colors (lots of magenta, blacks, whites, and greys). Or NPC sprites were placed in screens and and on paths in which they wouldn't pass over a element on the screen with a matching color. So there was always contrast (no disappearing sprites).

    It seems in other games, the background colors were chosen carefully to keep contrast. For example in PQ because the police uniform and sonny's denim pants use a regular blue, the backgrounds tend to use alot contrasting colors. Including many buildings that are 'cyan' or 'magenta'! Plus black and grey 'blacktop/concrete'. Almost the reverse of what was done in the early KQ games color choices.
  • This is one of the most pedantic and nerderific conversations I have been privvy to! Maybe he has multiple hats; dude is a king, after all. I have several very similar hats, all in different colors.

    Anyway, carry on lads! The debate over blue/green/cyan rages on!

  • The hat is clearly blue. If it weren't for that bit of green shading in there because of the 16-colour limitation it would be all blue and you wouldn't be having this ridiculous argument, hence why they made the hat entirely blue once they switched to 256 colours.

    It wasn't until MOE that his hat finally turned green. :P And that was only because of texture colour limitations. In-game, anyway. The KQ2 box art had him with a green hat and green tights.

  • Well, to be fair, his hat was green on the KQ2 box... But he also had a rather swarthy complexion too!


    ...and the only other time it was done in green intentionally was on the King's Quest Companion 2nd Edition cover (he had blue on the first edition cover btw);


    Of course on the Amiga KQ6 (which had color limitations);


    Course how about a black hat?


    Or a white with purple?


    Or tan?

    Hey, Graham can look stylish in any color?
    And that was only because of texture colour limitations.
    Ya, this this may be true.

    A little explanation is needed, based what Mark Seibert has said. Basically each area in the game has a limited color pallete. There are basically two sets of color palletes going on, the one used for the game world, and the one used for character models (Connor may or may not have his own pallete as well thus why he can change into various armor types in every world). Basically this is why Daventry is made up of alot grey, dark, greens, blues and some browns.

    Barrens is made up of alot reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, etc.

    Frozen reaches lots of shades of blue, white, grey, etc.

    However, I'm not entirely sure this excuse works for Graham's mugshot! Because in the same room of the castle, and other locations are clearly textures that have blue in them. Blue in several shades that would have worked for Graham's hat. I'll get you screenshots of the examples later. Which makes me think they actually knowingly chose to 'tweek his colors' intentionally. It's also not a straight color 'reverse' (white becomes black, other colors turn into other colors, etc), because his shirt or face complexion didn't change!


    On the other hand, I suppose maybe the two pictures (both Graham and Valanice) may have been put on the character model pallete instead of the level color pallete (Graham after all is a moveable/animated feature, as the painting is on a wall that can be moved)... Perhaps the character model pallete had its own limitations in that that particular level (but not sure why as there aren't that many animated character models in Daventry) I'm not sure the stone characters count as 'character models', unless designers intentionally chose to use the separate character model pallete for them (in the Kingdom of Daventry level, at least the Wizard, who is half stone, would have used the character pallete)...
  • BagginsKQ;611899 said:
    Well, to be fair, his hat was green on the KQ2 box...
    I said exactly that.
  • Sure, but I went much further than KQ2 box, ;).

    Hmm, anyone played Amiga KQ5? What does the limited color pallete do Graham's sprites in that game?

    Edit: found some (hope ATMachine doesn't mind hot linking);



    Actually doesn't look like it was affected too badly (other than being 'light blue' and 'dark blue' depending on those scenes)... Not sure if his sprite color changes depending on the background colors of the area you are in the game (Like Alexander's sprite does in KQ6 Amiga).
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    BagginsKQ;611909 said:
    Actually doesn't look like it was affected too badly (other than being 'light blue' and 'dark blue' depending on those scenes)... Not sure if his sprite color changes depending on the background colors of the area you are in the game (Like Alexander's sprite does in KQ6 Amiga).
    Probably not. The Amiga version of King's Quest VI was created by Revolution and used a completely different engine (it used Revolution's Virtual Theatre instead of Sierra's SCI).
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