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[WD] Game not working (Steam)

posted by vukodlahk on - last edited - Viewed by 557 users
I had a quick flick through some other pages to make sure I wasnt posting something someone else already has, and didnt notice anything.

I bought Walking dead off steam 2 days ago, dl'ed and installed it with no issues.. now thats the games fully installed, I go to play it, via desktop sc or steam lib... and when I click it after about 5 seconds of what seems to be loading, a small box with "WalkingDead101.exe stopped working" that it gives options of closing program or searching for an online solution...

I have no idea what to do. my 1st instinct was uninstall and redl, incase of a coruption when dling... after doing that it still wont work...

Only other thing I cna think of is I live in Australia... and its some anti gore thing the govs put onto the game, since apparently... people above the age of 18.. cant make their own decisions towards gore and mature themes in games... Cause after all.. Zombies... thats realism right there >.>

So yeh... anyone have any ideas? cause im all out.

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