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However, Telltale has seen its share of struggles, most notably in the aborted precursor to the Sam & Max series, Bone. After releasing two episodes of Bone in seven months, Telltale suspended development on the series because it simply wasn't getting traction.
from Gamespot.

Is this even true?
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  • More or less, yeah. :(

    The rest of the quote (the part Dan actually said) is important, though.
    "We were surprised at how difficult it was to sell to the age group that was best suited for Bone," Connors said, saying the company had trouble figuring out how to sell a game to children on the Internet. "With the right partnership, Bone would make a lot of sense, whether it's Scholastic, or Warner Bros., or even working with Nintendo to bring that to [Wii]. But self-publishing from the Telltale site, the Sam & Max audience was much more right to get our footing."
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    Perhaps someday, when the time is right, you'll might be able to get back to it. It's still really great to have the two games we have. :)
  • I have to agree that Sam and Max was a better license for you guys to focus on since the demand for new adventures of S&M were high, especially when news about lucasarts cancellin the Freelance police game.
  • With a Bone movie now in development hopefully there's a good chance for Telltale to revisit the franchise and leapfrog on the movie's marketing (which is what I assume Dan's "Warner Brothers" comment referred to).
  • Yes the fact that Dan namechecks Warner Bros. relieves me somewhat. When it comes to getting the rights to make a movie, I wasn't sure if the game rights would somehow change hands or is something Warner Bros. has control over now. Since Cartoon Books is essentially Jeff Smith and his wife, I'm sure given the choice they'd pick Telltale over a THQ action game or something, which I'll admit some back, cynical part of my mind was afraid that that's what the movie deal would somehow result in.

    Hopefully the fact that the Bone series wasn't the best way for Telltale to find its footing doesn't rule out the possibility of revisiting it someday now that they've decidedly found their footing :)
  • As much as I love bone, I can see how it would be hard to turn some of the books into games.

    Well, at least it'll force people who want to finish the story to read the graphic novel.
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