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Rate the Last Game You Finished

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Title says it all. Rate the last video game you completed.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - 9.5/10
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    Jennifer Moderator
    The last game I finished was Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.

    Now I know why this series is so highly regarded. I only ever played GKII (and I never finished it). It's really great to see the beginning of Gabriel's story. It was a great one too. Multiple murder mysteries, jazz, and voodoo. What's not to enjoy? :p

    It was weird hearing Gabe talk so deep after being used to Dean Erickson. But I got used to it quick, and I really enjoyed Tim Curry's take on the character. And, I'm a big Tim Curry fan anyway. :)

    It was also weird hearing Leah Remini when I'm so used to her being Carrie on King of Queens. But her voice did fit the character of Grace perfectly.

    Oh, and of course as I mentioned in another thread, Jim Cummings as the desk sergeant made me think of Detective Lucky in Bonkers since he used the same voice in both productions. :)

    And the puzzles were quite good too. There wasn't anything that seemed "out there" like so many people complain about a particular puzzle in GK3 (and having never played that, I can't comment for myself. But I can't wait to see if all the fuss is warranted after I get through playing GKII). And the deaths were actually obvious, and there didn't seem to be any dead ends. In this aspect, it reminded me of a Revolution game more than a Sierra game, which I appreciated. I don't mind Sierra games, but I'm one of the people who feels that the unexpected deaths and dead ends in most of their games are outdated make the game too frustrating to be a really enjoyable experience. Not having those aspects in this game made it a very enjoyable experience to me.

    It gets an 8.5/10 from me. Great game. :)
  • Vainamoinen;612495 said:
    hmmmm... Diablo II had some really nice, old-style orchestral music. How's that in number 3? Haven't yet had a listen... it would be the only thing about the game that loosely interests me.
    Well Matt Uelmen left with the rest of the Blizzard North guys and does the music for Torchlight 2 now. They have a full blown up orchestral score composed by 3 other guys that bored me so much I muted it and played my own music in the background from Act 2 on.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    EWWWWWW. That's disappointing. :(
  • Vainamoinen;612649 said:
    EWWWWWW. That's disappointing. :(
    Well it's not memorable at all.
    Here is the Diablo 3 main menue theme. This is what you see when they show you the Error 37 notice:

    Well that's actually quite fitting to the rage you'll feel. At least the start. Then it just turns into nice background music you wouldn't even recognice at Video Games Live.
  • You know, I'm feeling like I really just need to get this game and experience it for myself. I may regret this, but I think this is just something that I have to do.
  • Mark Leung: Return of the Bitch (Demo). 6/10

    For a demo, I was surprised at just how much there was to play through (it lasted me two hours). I was initially going to do a blind Let's Play of it, but FRAPs let me down by not recording when I thought it was. :( It's probably for the best though - a large portion of the game is standard RPG fighting and it's not that interesting to watch.

    The humour is definitely what drives this game, but it's not enough to overlook an incredibly bland and frustrating combat system. The basic principle is sound enough - it's just like classic JRPGs where you and the bad guys take it in turns to whack each other with pointy things, sometimes using magic or whatnot to heal yourself, etc. Where it all falls down is the introduction to each fight.

    In most RPGs, you just enter the fray and sometimes random chance determines if you surprised the enemy or they ambushed you. Here, you can attack an enemy on the "world map", but half the time when you're trying to do your sneak attack they'll turn round, see you and attack you as you're in mid-slash, meaning that they'll get the advantage.

    And 'ambushed' and 'sneak attack' are the ONLY options when going into a fight. It gets old very, very quickly.

    The rest of the game is entertaining enough, with the wacky plot and the zany cutscenes, but it's that combat that drives the game and it's really frustrating. So that's why it's only a six. I want to like this... but I can't. :(
  • Blueberry Garden 7/10

    Ahhhh short but sweet. As is this post. Thanks for reminding me I have this Silver.
  • Oh guess what. I finished 2 games yesterday!

    Q.U.B.E. 9.5/10
    Again this one is pretty short. Took me about 4 hours to complete it. Just like Portal. It's a first person puzzle game in a mostly white environment that looks amazing and doesn't distract from the puzzles. Just like Portal. The puzzles range from tutorialesque to "i have to actually think". Just like Portal.
    The soundtrack is electronic and for the most part not spectacular. Just like in Portal.

    To make it short: This is me personal Portal 2. Not the disappointing one by VALVe but a real one. All that is missing is Cave Johnson and it would be perfect.

    Oh that and I came across 2 glitches and 1 poorly designed puzzle. The poorly designed one and one error forced me to restart from the checkpoint but didn't sour my experience too much.
  • I stopped playing the game for a while, but finally

    Batman: Arkham City

    • This may be the first ending where you feel sad for the hero, for winning! Holy crap.
    • Aside from the fact that Bruce Wayne got arrested for publicly speaking, the story itself was really good
    • The combat can be interesting when guards actually use knives and such
    • The enemies may be the funniest thing to listen to. Sometimes I'd just sit there and listen to them.
    • Why does Robin show up again?
    • Guards 50% of the time don't use anything of value to fight, so its just "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK COUNTER ATTACK" over and over again
    • Combos do not work for me. I don't know if I have a bugged copy, but whenever I go for a combo attack, batman aims on his own, usually behind him at a wall.
    • Boss fights are boring with the exception of the Freeze boss
    • unskippable cutscenes.
    Reccomendation: The game is pretty good, but I do NOT see how it got the praise it got.
  • Gman5852;613398 said:
    • Why does Robin show up again?
    A lot of characters are jumping in, saying "Hi, remember me?" and then they leave again in this game. Robin will eventually get something more to do in the next DLC. Let's hope he does.
    What really makes this game something special is the world. Because the developers used their source material in the right way. I have seen so much stuff I never even knew about in these games and when I wanted to know more I even got the info I wanted directly in the game via the character biographies.
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