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Linux support

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Yeah, I would buy all of these games... if they worked on Linux. However since they don't... I won't buy any.

I really wish game companies would take things like the Humble Bundles ( to heart and realize that Linux folks need games too (and are willing to pay for them!)
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  • I like Linux. I'm typing this message on a Linux system now. But I'm also a realist, and I also have a Windows 7 box for those times when realism hits. If Telltale produced native Linux versions of their games, I'd give them a try on this system here. I'm not going to miss out if they don't produce Linux versions, though.
  • WarpSpeed;611700 said:
    But I'm also a realist, and I also have a Windows 7 box for those times when realism hits.
    This right here is one of the bigger reasons companies don't take Linux seriously... "Just run windows" / "Just use Wine" isn't a solution to the problem... it's a crutch.

    Take Desura for example ( Tons of commercial quality games are out there which support windows, mac, and linux... and they make a a decent profit. If you plan ahead and write your game code / engine well... compiling for Windows, Mac, "Game Station X and Y", and Linux becomes an easy task (the whole point of C, C++, and OpenGL is platform portability)
  • I think that when Valve makes the jump to Linux with Steam and provides some really good tools and support for Steam partners then there's the possibility of seeing more love asit's a big platform.

    Maybe it's just me but it seems that a lot more games have been coming to Mac since Steams availability there.
  • I would *love* to see Linux support for these games. I saw a review on a few days ago, however the only Linux instructions in the forum are for a *super* old version of Ubuntu. :( If I can't be at least 80% sure it will work in wine... it seems like a waste of money to buy.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Telltale is considering Linux (and pretty seriously considering it considering Telltale's CEO Dan Connors said "No Linux support yet"). :)
    dancon;581503 said:
    No Linux support yet, though I think one of the indie bundles would want that and we have talked to them in the past
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