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LEE the A - hole

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I found the dialogue options a bit lame in comparisson to other play throughs i did.

Hershal does change most of his dialogue and the last sentence is kinda funny :)

kenny is hit and miss he hates lee for siding with larry but instantly seems ok with him after you look out for duck by giving him a energy bar and then when lee sort of sucks up to him about what they plan on doing.

carly if you don't trust her may remember, but no immediate change.

doug dunno i kinda glossed over him and just got the keys lol

clem well i couldn't quite manage to be anything but nice to her...

sorry if this has been posted already couldn't see it
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Milosuperspesh;613030 said:
    I found the dialogue options a bit lame in comparisson to other play throughs i did.
    Of course you did. Because this is not playable in Mass Effect "Renegade vs. Paragon" style. Choices are a bit more psychologically complex and do not fit such simple classification. I think whatever you do, Lee retains a bit of his own character, and he's just not "the bad guy". Almost every decision could be treated as reasonable and aggression never came unprovoked. An enthusiastic "Hell yeah, let's throw Duck out!" would not come from Lee's mouth.

    If I had to categorize the decisions in retrospect, there's far more of the careful/secretive/reserved vs. upfront/socializing/confiding stuff.
  • Hell Yeah lets throw duck out is a funny mental image ill put it in the blooper reel in my head
  • at least we no vain is on the kill duck side!

    or not lol
  • I always wanted to play as a handsome white guy in it instead of a black guy lol.
  • Milosuperspesh;613251 said:
    *collapses into peals of laughter*
  • CapnJay;613282 said:
    *collapses into peals of laughter*
    glad some one found it funny i just typed in throwing duck in google images and got that pic then just added the text = instant win !
  • Gotta love the googles. :0) But seriously, I hate to admit it but I'm shooting Duck in the leg for walker bait at the first opportunity I can get away w/ it.
  • Paintball fight to relief stress in episode 3 you get to choose which targets to shoot at
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