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The Wii U Speculation Thread

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With E3 just around the corner, I figure it would be a good time to make a topic on this-

Official Wii U Speculation Thread Theme Song - U SHOOK ME ALL LONG....YEAH U-U-U-U SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG -

-Layout stolen from NeoGAF-


"The Body"


Who? Reggie Fils-aime, the president at Nintendo of America. He kicks ass, takes names, and prevents localization of cool games.

The massive cult of personality that he's spawned on the Internet makes it a lot more fun to watch Nintendo in action. He's a fantastic quote machine, and he is generally very good at getting the company's philosophy across without saying much at all.

In just a couple weeks, get ready to "tick that box"!

"The Mind"


(just kidding… here's a nicer quote)

"It isn't about 'games', for me, personally, and it never really was. It was about creating something- anything- far bigger than yourself."

Who? Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Donkey Kong. And Mario. And Zelda. And Pikmin. Also instrumental to some degree in the design or implementation of Excitebike, Ice Climber, Kid Icarus, Mother, Pilotwings, Mario Kart, Mario Paint, Wave Race, Star Fox, Kirby, Pokémon, Yoshi's Island, Killer Instinct, 1080° Snowboarding, F-Zero, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros., Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario, Wario Land, Eternal Darkness, Pac Man Vs., DKC, Metroid Prime, Geist, Chibi-Robo!, Nintendogs, Wii Sports, and Wii Fit, among others.

The personal deity of many a Nintendo fan, he makes fun worth having.

He could have made Halo if he wanted to, but he decided to throw Microsoft a bone.

"The Heart"


"I have a question for you. Who's your daddy?"

Who? Satoru Iwata. He has great hair. And he has shown rather legendary business acumen for much of his time as the President of Nintendo. But now that times are tough, we ask ourselves: Was he merely a three hit wonder, or is he simply playing around before going in for an explosive kill?


(as in, time to become privy to the information at hand about the thing that will be in your hand; the other possible meaning, the one you were probably thinking about, you sick sick person, likely applies as well)

DRC - Display Remote Controller
Official Aliases: "Subscreen", "The New Controller"
GAF Aliases: Wii U Tablet ("WUT", the most common thing people said when they first saw it), uTab, uPad, WiiPad, padlet, UC (pronounced "uicy", but only likely to happen if HylianTom stages a takeover of NCL), "The Wii U's Controller", "SubCon"
Capable of delivering fully-rendered, 480p images to your hands at 60fps. The system's gpu technically supports simultaneous output to four of them, but there are roadblocks on the way to making this happen for the end user. Has a sixth gen like layout with the following differences:
* triggers not confirmed to be analog
* face buttons likely not analog
* analog directionals have just recently been confirmed to be actual analog sticks
* A speaker and headphone port
* accelerometer, gyrometer and magnetometer for orientation and motion sensing
* That big honking resistive touch screen and a stylus
* What is partly confirmed to be a TV remote style IR transmitter
* A camera facing you which should have the capability of face tracking
* A built-in sensor bar
* A stand for when you use it as a sensor bar or as an accessory screen when using other controllers.
* An NFC receiver to interact with properly chipped real world objects (apparently represented by a small square below the d-pad)
* An unconfirmed small square next to the power button which could be a toggle to switch a one-display game from TV to controller

Note: Highly respected sources on this website claim that the analog directionals are "clicky".

Wii Remote Plus - You can use it to play virtual drums! Expected to be unchanged from the previous generation.

Nunchuk - Makes the classic Wii a split controller system, something we need more of for our aging, aching arms. Expected to be unchanged from the previous generation

Classic Controller Pro - Arguably the best sixth gen style controller, but here's hoping that it'll go truly wireless this time around. Expected to be unchanged from the previous generation D:

StreetPass device - You carry around this rumoured NFC-based "avatar" of your Wii U in your pocket, which allows the network to magically and dynamically interact with you as a player… somehow. Also could potentially be used for buy-and-run at retail stores, if Nintendo's clever enough.


Wii U - An external drive with some added circuitry, from the looks of it. Rumoured to contain:
* Tri-core IBM "Power Architecture" processor, likely much more capable than that on the Xbox 360 but unlikely to ≥2x as fast in real world benchmarks. :O
* Pretty impressive AMD gpu, though within a power and cost envelope suitable for smallish embedded devices. Early rumour suggested ≥ 1 TFLOPS performance, but this was based on poorly mistranslated speculation. Mid-to-high triple digit GFLOPS are now generally expected. BS Xbox 360 multiplier factor could be as high as π.
* Memory, based on leaks, expected to be at least 1.5GB. Roughly 0.5GB is said to be reserved for the system's OS functions (an astonishingly high number, one never heard before for a home console), but this limiting number will likely decrease.
* A small amount of internal flash, rumoured to be split between a ~512MB, purely system-accessed chip and a far larger chunk of hardware for storing saves and other digital content.
* Expected capability for unlimited USB external hard drive expansion
* Support for Blu-ray media (sans the license)
* Also possible is the ability for games to run off of an SD card. This was reportedly used for systems at E3'11 and CES, but whether or not it becomes available for consumers is unknown.

Click for a compilation of (mostly developer) quotes found about the Wii U's graphics



Operating System: It's going to be quite impressive, with perhaps a ton of social features. We know little about it but have heard some very impressive murmurs from industry insiders

There may be some sort of Video on Demand, Pay Per View service

Retro's title? Probably not Zelda, probably not Metroid, certainly not Donkey Kong, probably not their own thing given the company's M.O. The only conclusion we can reach here is that Nintendo's just paying them to eat donuts.

Crytek UK? Damnit you guys, I'm all out of soul to sell, but you know what I want, and you know what I'd do for it! Anyway, one recent crazytown rumour suggested they were making a demo for the system but not a full-on game.

Confirmed titles:

1001 Spikes (developed by Nicalis, publisher unknown)
Aliens Colonial Marines (developed by Gearbox Software, published by Sega)
Assassin’s Creed III (developed by Ubisoft Montrea, published by Ubisoft)
Avengers: Battle for the Earth (developed by Ubisoft Quebec, published by Ubisoft) - Might have been a slip in a press release
Batman Arkham City (developed by Rocksteady Studios, published by Warner Bros. Interactive)
Cloudberry Kingdom (developed by pwnee Studios)
Darksiders II (developed by Vigil Games, published by THQ)
DiRT (developed and published by Codemasters)
Dragon Quest X Online (developed by Armor Project and Square Enix, published by Square Enix)
F1 (developed and published by Codemasters)
Ghost Recon Online (developed by Ubisoft Singapore, published by Ubisoft)
Killer Freaks from Outer Space (developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, published by Ubisoft)
Lego City Stories (developed by Traveller's Tales, published by Nintendo)
Marvel Pinball (developed by Zen Studios, publisher unclear)
Metro: Last Light (developed by 4A Games, published by THQ)
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (developed by Team Ninja, published by Tecmo-Koei)
Pikmin 3 (developed by Nintendo EAD, published by Nintendo)
Pinball Arcade (developed by FarSight Studios)
Project CARS (developed by Slightly Mad Studios, publisher unknown)
Rayman Legends (developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, published by Ubisoft)
Super Smash Bros (developed by Project Sora probably with help from other teams, published by Nintendo)
Untitled project by Monolith Software
Untitled Rabbids project (developed and published by Ubisoft)


Activision (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Treyarch, Vicarious Visions, James Bond 007 game)
Bandai-Namco (Ridge Racer, Tekken)
Bloober Team (multiple titles)
Capcom (“Action game” listing)
Crytek (Nottingham team has Wii U SDK, and and they're excited about it)
Deep Silver Inc. (multiple titles)
EA (Sports titles, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Overstrike, Visceral Games)
Funbox Media Ltd (multiple titles)
LucasArts (action/adventure title, MMO)
Maximum Family Games, LLC. (racing title)
Reflections Ubisoft (several linkedln profiles hinting at Wii U project)
Rebellion (multiple titles)
Retro Studios (Nintendo)
Sega (Sonic, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed)
Shin'en (has Wii U SDK)

E3 '11 Demos which could become titles:

New Super Mario Bros. Mii
Drawing app
Wii Fit followup
Apartment Creeper spying game
Ninja star game
Videophone app
Web Browser
Photo/video viewer

And recent hubbub from folks such as Shane Satterfield (Editor in Chief from GameTrailers) as well as a few insiders here suggest that there is a very impressive number of yet-to-be-announced games coming for E3.

Multiple sources suggest that Google is working with Nintendo in some way, possibly in regards to their software layer (but nothing to do with Android).

And remember:


"I thought I would do a compilation of every quote I could find about the Wii U's graphics. Maybe it will give people a better idea of what to expect from this console. There's been so many quotes over the last year, and I wanted to compile a lot of them together. I didn't want to quote anyone who was an "unnamed source". These aren't in any particular order, but I tried to provide links and dates for most of them." - Oddduck (NeoGAF)

Shigeru Miyamoto - June 21, 2011

“We’re very sensitive, of course, to trying to do all of this at an appropriate price. So I don’t know that we would be able to sit here and say that it’s going to necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now. It’s part of the balance that we strike in terms of trying to find entertainment that is new and unique.”


Shigeru Miyamoto - January 30th, 2012

"Talking about the Wii U, it is going to be compatible with high-definition TV sets, which are now widespread and, with the graphics capabilities catching up to the general trend, some people consider it to be the ‘next-generation Wii.’ On the other hand, as far as graphics capabilities are concerned, there are already other hardware systems with similar functions. Therefore, we have designed the Wii U to be recognized as being different from any other hardware system."


Shigeru Miyamoto - January 26th, 2012

"Miyamoto stressed that the company’s upcoming console won’t just be about improved visuals. However, he did seem to say that there will be some titles in which visuals will be important – including Zelda."


Satoru Iwata - Jan 30th, 2012

"As we will showcase the Wii U at E3 in June this year, the detailed announcements must wait until then, but we are aiming to make a system which shall not be forced into competing with the others where the contenders can fight only with massive developer resources and long development times as their weapons," he said.

"Looking at the software for home console systems, there are certainly the software titles for which very rich graphics must be reproduced on HD displays and which demand a large number of developers to spend a very long time to develop.

"It is one of the truths that a certain number of such software titles must be prepared, or the consumers will not be satisfied. But we do not think that any and all the software must be created in that fashion.

"When you look at Nintendo's software, extraordinary rich graphics, massive gameplay volume and astonishing rendition effects are not necessarily the appealing point. It is, in fact, important for us that our games are appealing in other ways as well."

He offered Nintendo's quirky Rhythm Heaven series as an example, insisting that, "if we had adopted rich photo-realistic graphics, it would have lost much of its appeal."

"It is not necessary for us to deploy a huge number of people in order to develop such games," he continued, stating that, more than ever, Nintendo is bringing in third parties when it does need to develop more graphically complex titles.

"When we need massive power and have a lack of internal resources, we collaborate with outside resources and pour necessary resources to where they are needed. We are increasing the frequency of working with outside developers where Mr. Miyamoto and our internal developers alone used to develop.


Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken Producer): -February 28, 2012

"According to the report, Harada doesn't think Nintendo is planning to enter the graphics race with the Wii U. Instead games will stand out courtesy of the touchscreen controller and the unique features it enables. "


Nintendo press release

"We do not focus on technology specs. We understand that people like to dissect graphics and processing power, but the experience of playing will always be more important than raw numbers."

Marvin Donald (Game Director - "Darksiders 2") - March 23, 2012

""So far the hardware's been on par with what we have with the current generations. Based on what I understand, the resolution and textures and polycounts and all that stuff, we're not going to being doing anything to up-rez the game, but we'll take advantage of the controller for sure."


Han Randhawa (art director - Darksiders 2) - March 28, 2012

"There is not much I can really talk about right now, but I think that the Wii U is a pretty powerful machine, which obviously means more resources, and means you can do a lot more. So the Wii U team is doing very well, we've been working with Nintendo and I think it's going to be a very exciting version of Darksiders but we want to keep the overall theme relatively consistent."


Colin Bonstead (Technical director - Darksiders 2) - June 7th, 2012

"When we asked Bonstead if he thought it was possible that the Wii U version of Darksiders II would be the best version of the game, he said, "Yeah, just because the hardware is more powerful and it will have some extra features that I think will actually be useful to people playing the game. With it’s controller, [the Wii U version of Darksiders II] might be the best version of the game."


Brian Martel (Gearbox co-founder and chief creative officer)

""We've got the [Aliens: Colonial Marines] engine running on the Wii U, and as far as the console goes, you're going to see textures at a resolution that you haven't seen on [the current] generation," said Martel.

Brian Martel (Gearbox co-founder and chief creative officer) - April 4, 2012

Things like the Wii U are becoming very sexy with what you can do with the controller, especially with what you're able to do with the motion tracker or whatever the sub gameplay you'd get to see on there. I think the machine itself will have one of the best looking versions of the game because they've got more RAM [and] they're late in the cycle so they've got this really great processor.


Randy Pitchford (Gearbox president) - Feb 27th, 2012

"We’ve been intrigued by what we’ve seen so far and are encouraging Nintendo to go as aggressively as they can afford with the performance specifications. We imagine that performance specifications are within affordable reach that would provide undeniable performance advantages over competitive platforms. Nintendo have a lot more experience than we do in managing the balance between performance and cost with their hardware, of course, so I do not want to be presumptuous."

April 4th, 2012

""It's a really cool system -- it's pretty powerful. I want to be careful, because I don't want to risk any sensitive information that Nintendo's not ready to share yet, but in our experience it's a great system. I think it's a really nice bridge to the next generation. I think people will be surprised. I don't know off the top of my head how many of the specs they've released, so I want to be very careful not to jump the gun, but we're very pleased with the hardware. And even since they gave us our first alpha kit, our very first 'pre-prototype' development hardware that they kind of let us play around with, they've done so many things to make the platform better. So it's getting better for us as developers."

Fumihiko Yasuda and Yosuke Hayshi (Team Ninja) - Jan 31st, 2012

"Team Ninja's Fumihiko Yasuda and Yosuke Hayashi broke the industry-wide silence on Nintendo's next-gen console, claiming its "very easy to develop for... We're finding it very similar to develop for Wii U as for Xbox 360 and PS3."

"They've asked us what we would want from the hardware, and when we give them feedback we can see that they're definitely listening to it and making changes," said Hayashi. "The hardware is still constantly changing."

Mark Rein (Epic) - March 12, 2012

"Do you remember the Zelda demo they had on it? Would you not buy a Wii U just to play that? Of course you would. That's what Nintendo is all about. Their hardware is the software delivery service for their great content. That Zelda demo was gorgeous and we can do even more than that with Unreal Engine 3. I think it will do great."

Crytek founder Avni Yerli - September 20, 2011

That's the question we're asking now that Crytek founder Avni Yerli has confessed his love for the Nintendo Wii U's specs. That's right: he's actually excited over the hardware list, calling it "very good." That's excellent news from a development team whose notorious for bringing PC systems to their knees.\

"It's a challenge for designers, but once thought through it can add value, and that's what ultimately important," he told GamesIndustry in an interview. "Our guys in Nottingham, they are very happy with their tests on the dev kits and they're excited about it."

Cevat Yerli - (CEO of Crytek) - January 14, 2012

"Crytek's support for Wii U is definitely going to happen. We aren't showing it but we are pretty much running it already. We are expanding in many ways, and some of that is more announced than others.Kinect is major driver for future platforms as well, so Kinect support is important. Having basic Kinect support in the CryEngine is one thing, but I'm talking about really supporting it deeply. CryEngine is going to have deep support.

"Then there are other efforts towards supporting mobile and tablets, which we can only say we are working on. How far we have gone and what we mean is something I can't say more about now.""

Rasmus Højengaard - Crytek Director of Creative Development - April 25th, 2012

"Fat chance," developer Crytek said.

Speaking to Destructoid, director of creative development Rasmus Højengaard said a Wii U release was "not on the cards". "I don't think it's going to be possible," he said. "Right now the launch platforms are PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and I don't think it's on the cards to do a Wii U version."


EA Sports - Vice president Andrew Wilson - July 27, 2011

"The short answer is yes [we have a better idea of Wii U's power]; the longer answer is not quite," said Wilson. "As every new piece of hardware and every new development library comes through we get a greater understanding of the power. With our early research we had been very happy with the output of the box and we expect that that will only go up moving forward.

"There are added challenges for us as developers when you think about rendering on two screens and what that might mean, but we're looking forward to that challenge.

"It's still moving," he added, "but I think we'll be able to do anything that we can do on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on the Wii U."

Xbox 360 launched in late 2005, and PS3 launched in late 2006 (March 2007 in Europe). More than five years on, can Wii U not go beyond what PS3 and 360 are capable of?

"I think that's our hope," answered Wilson, "but again we're still in the early stages."

Peter Moore (COO of EA) - August 8, 2011

""People will start talking about it being a transitional platform. And I don’t think that’s going to be the case, and here’s why," Moore told IndustryGamers. "I think the [tablet] controller [is huge]. This is not about specs anymore... This is about, as it was with the Wii, is the controller a unique way of enjoying a game experience, regardless of what the graphic fidelity is?"

""Look, you saw Battlefield - how much better could this stuff look at some point? There’s a point of diminishing returns... I don’t even know if there’s anything better than 1080p. In the early days of our industry, this stuff was absolutely about how much better the games looked - shinier helmets, greener grass – but I’ve been around long enough to know that seeing your breath in a football game is a huge deal. But that’s no longer the case any more," he said. "Now it’s about interfaces. Now it’s about building a community in a rich, powerful,way. And now it’s about, 'What is the way we can control the game?' You’ve seen that with Move, you’ve seen it with Wii MotionPlus more recently, and you’ve certainly seen it with Kinect."

"And Nintendo’s job, quite frankly, is to build a better mousetrap with regards to the way that we use the controller. So I don’t know what Xbox and PlayStation’s plans for their next platforms are, but it’s not going to be hanging on graphic fidelity. I guarantee you that."

Tyrone Rodriquez, Nicalis

"Sadly, the original quote was taken a bit out of context. Here's exactly what I meant: for what we need, and maybe for other developers, the Wii U's [capabilities] are more than sufficient for five to ten years. We're not making AAA games or using a crazy insane 3D engine, but the Wii U can definitely do both." - Tyrone Rodriguez, Nicalis

Hip Hop Gamer interview with Darksiders II dev: - April 16, 2012

"Wii U is next gen hardware"

IGN/Fudzilla Report - Jan 24, 2012

"In real terms, the Xbox 720's raw graphics processing power is expected to be six times that of the Xbox 360 and will yield 20-percent greater performance than Nintendo's forthcoming console, the Wii U."
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  • Fawful I'm going to edit your post together. Also Rumor has it it will be released between Oct and November. I'm interested in it..and I'm also nervous about it.
  • I was excited about it, but my enthusiasm has since waned considerably. Actually, my interest in video game consoles altogether is at an all-time low. This has just happened over the past year or so. I haven't touched a game console in months. I still haven't gone back to Skyward Sword since I started playing it in December when I got it for Christmas. Will do it eventually, but so much other stuff is going on right now and I'm content to be a PC gamer for now. Even in that field, I haven't played many games lately. Going through Ben There, Dan That, though. :) And of course I'll be playing DFA and SpaceVenture when they're finished.

    Anyway, the Wii U. We'll see what happens, I guess. I don't really have a hope one way or the other for it at this point. If the demo model interests me I might invest in it. It also would have to have some good games for once. The Wii has terrible games. Terrible.
  • Eh. I'll care more when there are actual good titles that aren't ports. I have Arkham City already. When there's a confirmed Zelda game, I'll give it more thought. Yeah, I'm excited for another Smash Bros, but in all seriousness...they just started working on it. Considering how long Brawl took...I'm not holding my breath for Smash Bros 4 until 2016 at the very earliest. And that's IF the 3DS version isn't developed at the same time.

    And two things that worry me. 1) They haven't said if there's going to be an easy way to transfer save files from the Wii to the Wii U. While that's not a big deal for most games, certain game saves like Smash Bros. Brawl won't copy to SD Cards. 2) Everything we keep hearing about the console's power is inconsistent. Some developers are saying that the Wii U is more powerful than the 360 and PS3. Some say it's just as powerful as those. And still others say that it's not as powerful as those at all. I'd like to know one way or the other. The inconsistency among what the developers are saying is a cause for concern.
  • Shadowknight1;613166 said:
    Eh. I'll care more when there are actual good titles that aren't ports. [...] When there's a confirmed Zelda game, I'll give it more thought.
  • My purchase of the WiiU would entirely depend on what happens regarding games.

    If nintendo don't have some anti-used tech in there, then it might be the only system I get.

    (Since the new Microsoft and Sony consoles are rumoured to have some anti-used tech in place which is total BS if true, and is only going to push me further into PC gaming)

    I'm going to admit, for me, two things I would love about the WiiU:

    - The ability to play with the controller offscreen. (Very good feature, since I'm regularily kicked off consoles by my family)
    - The controller.

    If the right games come out, the controller could be amazing!

    (And I really do hope Nintendo and Devs focus on the new controller. The Wiimote scheme is not great, and in many ways puts me off the system, but if they can successfully get some of the core back, then I'm willing to give it another go)

    The Rayman Legends video shows some very interesting uses for it, and I'll be honest here and say that I am keen to learn more of its capabilities now. :D

    Till then, my PSP and 3DS are getting most of my love and attention.
  • I always buy all the new systems, and will buy this one too.
  • I don't really care about it. Just like I didn't really care about the wii. I did eventually buy one, but now it just collects dust.
  • Johro;613209 said:
    I don't really care about it. Just like I didn't really care about the wii. I did eventually buy one, but now it just collects dust.
    It wasn't all shovelware.
  • Secret Fawful;613228 said:
    Ugh. So many games there that I need to get round to playing. So. Very. Many.

    (And they'll all still be playable on the Wii U. Nice!)
  • Zelda Twilight Princess
    Zelda Skyward Sword
    Punch Out!!
    Metroid Prime 3
    Metroid Other M
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Boy and His Blob
    Endless Ocean
    Sonic Colors
    Sonic and the Magic Rings
    Super Mario Bros Wii
    Donkey Kong Country Returns
    The Last Story
    Paper Mario
    Resident Evil 4
    Zak and Wiki
    Epic Mickey
    No More Heroes
    Smash Bros Brawl
    Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
    Fatal Frame
    The Conduit
    Cursed Mountain
    Silent Hill
    Mario Kart Wii
    Lost in Shadow

    I did love my Wii so.
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