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What about KQ appeals to you?

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What do you love about KQ--What do you love most? What draws you to the series, what are it's best points/features/etc? What drew you to it originally, and with what game did you first meet the series?
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  • Right, however KQ6 has an overall better use of colors on backgrounds and runs better than the sci ports. its actually better designed than the sci ports.
  • BagginsKQ;611726 said:
    You mean the one that Simpleton from the Golden Goose wore back in a book published the early 1900's?
    Looking at the axe, is graham finally fed up with Cedric (represented by the goose)?
  • Well actually, he found the goose inside of the trunk of a tree, after he cut it down. Simpleton like his brothers (who died violently before) him are lumberjacks IIRC.
  • I have to admit that what usually drew me to the King's Quest games back in the day was the technology Sierra was developing.

    I had been trying to work out a way to do similar 3-D animation on an 8-bit computer, where a character could travel behind and in front of objects based on vertical positioning, but the way I was approaching it was way too CPU-heavy, redrawing items repeatedly within the horizontal region where animation was happening. Sierra's AGI engine was a much more elegant solution, using an additional layer of background data to drive the masking and taking advantage of the PCjr's additional memory and color palette to make that happen. I played through KQ II the first time mostly because I wanted to see how the technology worked; the ability to walk up a spiral staircase was really amazing at the time.

    I skipped over KQ III and KQ IV, favoring Police Quest III and Space Quest III at the time. Then I was drawn back into the series with KQ V, twice actually, as I bought it on floppy for the sake of VGA graphics and again on CD (I think there was an upgrade option available) to hear the voices. I played KQ VI primarily because of the improved voice casting, the CG intro, and the hi-res character portraits in the Windows version.

    Beyond the cutting-edge technology at the time these games were released, and having gone back later to play through the whole series, I think what I like most about King's Quest is its grounding in shared pop mythology, and the player's ability in most of the games to just explore the world and see who lives there before we start tackling any of the puzzles. The alternate solutions were also appreciated, when available, and yes, I did get a kick out of the death animations. AGI Graham's poor little face was always charming:

    o o
  • It wasn't until MOE that his hat finally turned green. :P And that was only because of texture colour limitations. In-game, anyway.
    From one of the rumors, someone said that the file was the regular blue hat version of the artwork from the KQ6. For Graham, and it was simply changed color ingame...

    Turns out this isn't true... The extracted bmp file, definitely has the green hat. Interesting. Still as discussed I'm not sure if this is truly due to texture colour limitations because correct blue appears elsewhere in the castle see the flag/tapestries.

  • It still makes sense. Any colour from the palette can fit into the limitations, but you can only have a palette of a certain size. It may very well have been that they couldn't have 5 or 6 different hues each with the same number of shades as 3 or 4 colour hues would have. Or maybe it was a conscious decision to make it look like a stylistic tapestry or something.
  • image

    Heh I think this proves there is no texture limitation in that room! It seems that blue hat graham would have been easy to include (with no more color loss than was lost in KQ6 itself)!

    I did a simple modification to the bmp file. I took the KQ6 artwork from the Omnipedia and shrunk it down a bit and put it over the KQ8 Graham, in the ROYALS.BMP file. Making sure to leave the black space below the images, and correct division between the two images.

    Now, call this a blind experiment, as I know nothing about programming. But I discovered that the way that KQ8 accesses BMP files directly. I thought this might work! It did!

    Now just think, if it was this simple to edit! Anyone could practically create new textures for the game! As long as they remain in the general size limitations!

    Frankly, if someone wants to 'fix' their Graham! I'll try to upload my modified file if anyone is interested! You just need to copy the file into the CDaventry, 8Bit (trivia wise the 8 in 8bit and 8gui folders appears to be a reference to KQ8 bitmaps, and KQ8 graphical user interface, rather than '8bit' technology) folder.

    Hey this is fun;


  • Compare those replacements with the original ones. There are for more shades of colour in the originals than in those alternate ones, hence my previous point.

    Either way, it could be that they just wanted it that way for stylistic purposes.
  • I think they did it for stylistic purposes, intentionally.

    The trick would be change the green shades back to blue in the original file, and find out how that works....
  • Bump? I personally liked what I've seen in the King's Quest games as silliness.
    Use Pot on self? Genie pops out and seals you in there.
    Use Pot on Witch? Trap her for 500 years and steal her stuff. Just because.
    Those Retsupurae guys make me wanna play these just for the sake of seeing how much of a loser the hero will be. Maybe then you could pop out a Dark Seed 3?
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