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Madisun's Arc - Reviews By Darth Marsden

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Hey guys. This is a list of all the videos I've made for my review series, Madisun's Arc. They do get better as I go along, honest! I primarily upload these to Blip, since that lets you preload the videos and, if you use AdBlocker, there's no adverts, but most of the videos also have YouTube mirrors for those who can't use Blip.

Anyway, enough rambling.

There was a great big list of all my videos here, but then - surprise surprise - the new site came along and turned all the YouTube links into actual videos. Around 30 of them.

I spent around 20 minutes trying to change them all over to the new link format, only for it to straight up not work. So now you just get the one link, to my Blip channel -

Screw this site. Screw it with a rusty freakin' chainsaw.
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  • puzzlebox;608366 said:
    I missed a couple of those movies, and that was a pretty helpful catchup. Thanks!
    You are most welcome. Glad peeps are enjoying it!
  • Boosh - Demons.

    This is shorter than I thought it'd be, but I still think it works. Anyway, enjoy!

    EDIT: YouTube version.
  • Puny movie.

    Yes, it's the Hulk, and I'd appreciate thoughts on it. Too long? Too boring? Too analytical? Let me know!

    Also, since my YouTube account can now play videos longer than 15 minutes, I'll be going back and re-uploading some of my earlier videos - and tweaking one of them so it's not quite as lame. Should be done sometime next week.
  • Nice review, though I will have to disagree with the idea that the Hulk story is simplistic in the comics. It certainly starts out that way, but a huge part of the story in later comics is psychoanalyzing of Banner because that guy has some fucked up mental problems. Mostly involving the fact that his father killed his mother (though it's accidentally/on purpose in the comics) and then later Bruce killed his father. Which is a far more interesting storyline because then you get into all his weird multiple personalities that came out of this.
  • Actually, although I don't say so, most of the 'sins of the father' plot from the movie is taken right from the comic. So if you're a fan of the Hulk comics, you'll have seen the story before. But for most people, it's the first time they encounter all these elements, and it's really not done very well. And as I say, it's really not what most people would want from a Hulk movie.

    When I refer to the story as being simplistic, I mean the core basics that everyone knows. Dude gets angry, turns into Hulk, smashes stuff. Adding psychological elements to it is fine, but you can't let it overrule the other stuff. There's no real action save for when the Hulk kills the dogs (which is ludicrous and nigh-impossible to take seriously) and his escape from the underground base (which is amazingly boring). Even the end 'fight' is a letdown. People going in to see a Hulk movie want action, and if the film fails on that level, then why the hell even call it a Hulk film?

    There's a good story here, it's just being very badly told.
  • I don't disagree with the badly told thing. Because even just from watching the clips you showed, it looked pretty bad. And only very loosely based on the story arc it was supposed to be emulating. And the killing the dogs seemed a bit out of character. I mean, in the comics, despite smashing entire cities to tiny bits, there were extremely few fatalities... even among monsters and supervillains. There's even a mini storyline at some point about why, exactly, that happens.

    Unless this is supposed to be the Ultimate universe where the Hulk chops up people and eats them for tea. In that case, it was perfectly fine.

    I should also probably add that I kinda want to see this movie now, just to experience first hand how bad it is. But I'll probably need to watch it with a team of people ready to riff just to make it bearable.
  • Aside from the dogs (which were threatening Betty), the movie takes great pains to show that the Hulk never actually kills anyone. Talbot only dies because he tries to shoot Hulk with a M40, but it just bounces off him and hits the wall behind Talbot, so you can't really blame him for that.

    The fact that the film doesn't really show the Hulk smashing stuff is probably the biggest letdown for me, and one of the many things the reboot got right. Being so careful and making sure the audience knows that the military team is all right makes the whole fight sequence much less thrilling. Hell, at one point Hulk rips off a gun turret and holds it like a club, but then almost immediately throws it to the ground and does the turret bendy thing I show in the video! Gah!

    And hey, if you do watch this thing, take a shot every time someone raises their voice. I guarantee you'll still be sober until the last 15 minutes of the movie. I really wasn't kidding with that count at the end!
  • Yeah, even in the comics there were lots of explosions and things being smashed... just nearly no fatalities.

    Also, wouldn't it make a better drinking game to take a shot every time someone should've raised their voice but didn't? Though this is kinda moot point as I don't really drink. Maybe I'll get Pants and other Mortis to do it.
  • Holy hell it's been a long time. Oh well, not like I'm getting paid for these or anything.

    Here's the first four minutes of my latest. I'll reprint what I included in the description of the video, because it's kind of important. Please read it! Thanks.
    The primary reason for this four-minute preview of my next review is as a test. In the last few videos, from The Avengers cartoon review onwards, I've noticed that static images don't work properly in my videos. I've yet to really understand why this is, though I suspect it's a problem with my video editing software.

    I've been able to figure out a work-around to this issue, and that's to have some form of movement on still images, whether it be a zoom of some kind or a simple fade in and out. It's frustrating, but at least it works.

    As I say, the primary reason for this preview is a test - a test to make sure that the images I (pretty heavily) use in the first part of the review actually work properly.

    It's also a chance to let you see my fancy new "it's too hot to wear a full fleece any more" outfit and entice you into watching the full review (which should be out in the next few days), but those are mostly incidental to the image issue.

    If anyone notices that there are problems with the images, most notably not showing images at ALL relevant to the audio, then please let me know by posting a comment. Once I know about it, I can fix it.

    Thanks in advance. Hope you enjoy the Preview!
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