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Walking Dead: The Silent Treatment

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 7.3K users
Just saw this video, someone choosing silence or letting the timer run out at every opportunity. Paints a very weird Lee.
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  • CapnJay;613092 said:
    just for vold if you choose to be silent in all possible conversations in all future episodes then the final episode will unlock a secret ending where Lee becomes a Mime
    Would b really nice, if ur quiet often, he'll talk in body language instead of words in the parts he do speak. :D
    Milosuperspesh;613099 said:
    lee isn't totally silent though he still speaks right at the begining lol
    and with hershal etc
    Was waiting for someone to say, "ahh so u can speak...:
  • Lee DLC Silent Bob Outfit
  • Nice video Vold! And lol to capn. Or a MIME outfit
  • ADavidson;613540 said:
    Nice video Vold! And lol to capn. Or a MIME outfit
    Thanks glad u enjoy it. :)

    as said above will do more on both playthroughs on future eps. will post on this forum for updates or u can subscribe to my channel for email notification...

    right now, I'm posting up Modern Warfare 3 when I can...

    Got 12 eps done, but only 6? uploaded, lol
    can't upload without messing with housemate's online games.
  • A silent treatment video of MW3?? Interesting.... lol jk
  • i think lee can be more silent though ;)
  • ADavidson;613928 said:
    A silent treatment video of MW3?? Interesting.... lol jk
    Technically, ur character is silent when ur playing him, lol
    well except for the last mission, apparently he can't keep his mouth shut. :)

    anyway here's the music video of MW3

    Had 4 scenes, but only 3 chorus... choices choices...
    Was going to make a TWD video with this song too, actually I plan to try to make 1 for any game I think possible.
    Love the lines for various stories, I made 1 for Mass Effect 3 & Deus Ex:Human Revolution

    link to the Campaign (Veteran difficulty, except the 1st mission)
    is in the end of the video. I hope. :D

    I was just trying out the 1st mission, before I decided, eh lets go all in. :D
  • Vold;631494 said:
    The Silent Treatment
    Episode 2 part 1
    Watc it while eating my toast.
  • In the Police Car in episode 1 I also chose alot of silent options. It actually makes the narrative better, because as the player I wasn't sure what I was answering towards. It also gives it the tense, thick atmosphere in some scenes. In others I choose silence because what has transpired was so horrible saying anything at all would be entirely stupid.

    When the Police asked me if I did it I chose silence as well. I didn't know what I did, how could I respond? When he asked me if I want to know how he sees it, I said not really. Then when he made the comment about my wife I also chose silence.

    In Ep2. When Andrew asked me if I didn't hear the bell for supper I chose silence, because I was stunned he caught me. Some of the other answers were insane, considering if it was real life I wouldn't know if he would flat out assault me.

    Silence throughout the entire game would be awkward however, but it has it purposes for atmosphere and the narrative or difficult happenings.
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