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Make sense of/analyse the non-sense that user above you said/drew

posted by Jon NA on - last edited - Viewed by 662 users
Have you seen those analysis who try to make sense of a surreal work who pay attention to detail too much and interpret things in a very ridiculous ways?
(no offence to real analysts ... I dig their work, especially this guy's work, his analysis and interpretations may seem funny or far fetched but I mostly believe in them since he gives enough supporting facts.The difference between a stupid analysis and a real analysis in very very small and you can't say if it's stupid or intelligent)

anyway, in this game, the first poster writes or draws a non-sensual thing and the next poster tries to analyse it in funny or ridiculous ways, as if he's a conspiracy theorist, in addition to posting his own nonsense.

I'm not in the mood for saying nonsense so, the next poster is honoured to post the first nonsense :D

Note: you can post other Artists drawings too, but only drawings and paintings, not literature
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  • You're trying to make us paranoid conspiracy theorists, thus making us go crazy and causing us to die when our brain explodes from over-anylizing random images and words. WHAT KIND OF SICK GAME IS THIS?!
  • Mathman does not like most kinds of sick games and he's afraid this one won't involve bacon.

    If everything exists then there stands to reason that as nothing is a concept and the category of everything also encompasses all concepts, it would stand to reason that there is a potential for nothing to also exist. Well, that and custard.
  • Lovetodo has proven that nothing but custard exists. Therefor, we are all custard.

    My hands can draw hands that draw hands that draw hands and so on. It just doesn't look like it because I have to draw very very small by the end of it. I have thought of using my hand creating hands to sculpt hands that sculpt hands and so on. But I have no clay, so I'll have to make it using ground beef. Because who doesn't want ground beef hands making ground beef hands making ground beef hands etc. And then I would eat those hands. But I'll need some hands to eat the hands with. Can I have your hands? I can't promise I will give them back.
  • Remolay has given us a paragraph detailing the use of hands to create hands. In this paragraph, he demonstrates the complexity that goes into creating hands, and that if it gets too small, it will eventually lose detail and therefore importance. A very pessimistic piece if you ask me.

    If the Descartes-ian theory of "I think therefore I am" is true, then would that entail that nothing that is not capable of thought technically exists. That means that this sentence, and all others like it, are not real. This means that you have trained yourself to believe in something that, according to Descartes, would not have existence. The only logical conclusion here is that somebody is completely wrong.
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    StrongBrush1 has proven that... uhhh.... hm. He had proved that ignorance truly is bliss, as he blindy sticks to the Descartes-ian theory, ignoring other valid view points regarding the true validity of human existence. Therefore, If I comes before E except after C, the government caused 9/11 to establish the New World Order. Therefore, I became the pope, found five dollars, and cured cancer.

    Go crazy
  • Blind Sniper is trying to secretly drive us all to the brink of insanity by responding to his/her quotes.

    I secretly know that 57% of Americans are actually space aliens and that I can only see them using special sunglasses. The only ones who know I know are the aliens and the guys who made the sunglasses. The aliens have also placed subliminal messages in public in the form of billboards and television commercials. The aliens kill anyone who knows of their existence. We must destroy the alien threat, or continue living like drones under their rule!
  • We've been found out! Abort mission! Abort mission!

    Now that I am an adult I shall continue to act like a 4 year old. Watching power rangers and complaining that I have to go to bed... WHADYAMEAN I CAN'T WATCH THE DEADPOOL MOVIE THEN!
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Watching the Power Rangers causes adults to act like four year olds and complain when they are tired. Because of this, adults should avoid watching the Power Rangers or else they won't be able to watch entertainment not intended for children.

    As Mel Gibson's "Conspiracy Theory" has taught us, there are conspiracy theories that have been proven to be true, so people shouldn't think that all conspiracy theory believers are crackpots. I happen to believe in some conspiracy theories myself, but not all conspiracy theories of course. Believing in all conspiracy theories would definitely make you a crackpot.
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    Drunk Batman. Your argument is invalid.

    What if soylent green is really tofu?
  • lovetodo22 is secretly attracted to his own mother.

    I am a fish, I wear my underpaints inside out around my head.
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