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Stick with Kenny at all costs?!

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"You know, back then I was a commercial fisherman and I do own a boat" (or something like that). Wow, this was the first time in the game where I thought: The sh*t, there is actually a way out of this misery and I have to do all I can to get in Kenny's butt to save me an Clementine a ticket for this boat ride. I mean looking at all the zombie movies the safest place on earth is on the ocean full of fresh food right under your feet. Guess it will be 'tuff in the next Chapters to stick with this family and... Duck but I'll do so saving the girl and me (or at least the girl 'cause you know it's a game and you'll surely face the hardest decision at the end) from those shufflers.

What's your opinion?
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  • Zombie kittens, zombie little girls, zombie strippers.... you get shot in the head all the same
  • Ditto. When my group (Clem and Kenny's family) met Lily's, I still considered us separate from them. I liked Glenn, Carley, and Doug, but most of them died or left. Clem and Kenny's family are the people I'd follow anywhere. Also, Lily isn't in charge of shit. Lee and Kenny take control between them whenever things heat up.
  • Loyalty to the Queen!
  • What if.... the Queen dies??? It COULD happen
  • ADavidson;614058 said:
    What if.... the Queen dies??? It COULD happen
    I wonder has anyone tried to not save clem the few times she's been grabbed since you can die as Lee multiple ways
  • yup game just ends..clem is never seen to die... sometimes lee dies instead...
  • Milosuperspesh;614122 said:
    yup game just ends..clem is never seen to die... sometimes lee dies instead...
    Lee dies if he fails to save the queen? She truely is the one true queen
  • We heard an episode of ducktales?
  • well now that i think about it the first time clem finds the toilet dweller and lee doesn't save her i think it's carly shoots it and clem 'remembers' the next one that gets her i haven't failed to save her from yet..but i'll do that in my next play through to see how she handles it along with not answering her on the walkie so she wonders if the baby sitter got lee ;)

    OMG clem dies !

    In the second attack you must save clem if not it's game over and you hear clem chow and then lee while in shock gets his face eaten
  • If you don't save Clem from the bathroom walker she still gets away fine. Carley pops the walker in the head either way, only difference being Lee froze.
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