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[WD] Copy of game for X-box 360

posted by WesMote44 on - last edited - Viewed by 281 users

I purchased the first episode of the Walking Dead and I have a question. I had clicked on the X-Box 360 button on the order page for the game and was sent to the Microsoft Website to purchase the game and I was wondering that at the end when all five episodes are done, will I get a copy of the game for the X-box 360. This is the first time I have bought a game from here for the X-box, always before I have bought the PC version, so this is kind of new to me.

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  • We don't currently have a physical release of the game planned, sorry. If you purchased the game through Microsoft for the 360, it would not be eligible for a free disc promotion here, regardless.
  • why do people want a disc for an arcade game ? if every arcade game had a disc the boxes would fill a house/small hotel... and a game running on the hard drive is quicker and easier...
  • I also bought the PC version, but I can't play it because my computer doesn't meet the specs to play it. Every other game I have bought has always worked on my PC, but the specs for this game doesn't work on my PC so I bought the X-box version as well. So, until I buy a new PC, I can't play the PC version.
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