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About the file size...

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How have you guys dealt with the Wii's (in)famous lack of storing capacity?
Will the episodes be shorter than the Sam n' Max ones? or have you found a new way to fit a bunch of content in a smaller place?
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  • I would say 'simple' textures, fairly low-poly models and low-poly environment modelling would help keep file size down.
  • The textures in Homestar Runner are pretty simple. If you watch the cartoons, you'll see what I mean. That saves a lot of room :)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Yeah a very limited number of textures, a complete lack of complex shadows and lightmaps, and characters with simpler construction (and therefore less filesize-heavy animation) makes it possible to fit a surprising amount into a small footprint.
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    Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED
    Plus, we're bending space and time...
  • Kevin wrote: »
    Plus, we're bending space and time...
    Man, you guys just keep getting cooler. I'm gonna get me a trilobite!
  • 43MB (according to IGN) actually isn't that bad, anyway - especially for a system that only outputs at 640 x 480. FMV and sound should be the biggest issues for most games, and there are ways to deal with those. Use realtime graphics instead of FMV, compress voice samples using Speex, and use Shin'en DSX to compress the music.
  • ^ To date TTG game's cutscenes have all been rendered using the in-game engine, so no FMV issues should occur.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Culture Shock packed down to something like 70 megs at the time (we've since been able to pack it even smaller). If you think about something like Culture Shock, and then rip out a huge chunk of the filesize spent on textures (including textures for all the lightmap based shadows on every wall) and animation (remember that in Homestar almost nobody has fingers!) you can imagine a game of surprising scope fitting in 40 megs.
  • Wow, you guys and the current state of compression techniques rock my world! TTG wins a gold star. And a shiny one, at that.
  • Do you guys know how we're going to be able to store this stuff on our Wii? I have SD cards, which have gobs of space, but if we have to keep all this stuff on the wii's modest flash drive, it could get... unfortunate.
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