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band-aid bug in the walking dead game

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I'm having a problem...i'm with Clementine in the office. i took the band-aid out of the first aid kit. it immediately appeared in my inventory on the left of the screen. the problem is that when i focus my sights on Clementine, applying it doesn't show up in the list of options...the only options available are 1. look at clementine 2.check out clementine's finger (which doesn't allow me to apply the band-aid--just "look" and to Clementine. i have the pc version and it should show up as an option like it does when i want to give her an energy bar, which i have no problem doing...any help would be greatly appreciated
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  • Did you try to reload? Go back to the game menu and then continue your game.
    If this does not help, then go back to the game menu, click play and then click rewind. After you pressed rewind, just click play to re-start the chapter.
  • i have actually tried both...either way i have had to rewind and each time i have wound up in the same dilemma...i have the band-aid, but no option to use it...i would like to see how this all plays out in the game from this point on, but i don't know if i'll be able to.
  • all set now...i had to focus on her finger once i was in the profile view while looking at her finger...thanks for the help
  • hmmm it's strange as i applied band aid without looking at her finger. maybe you had that option but it wasn't very much visible as it's the last option it appears on a very light surface so you won't realize it immediately. The game will be seen in a very good perspective when there's not so much light as light makes some blackish parts not that visible ;)
  • I posted this in the consolidated bugs thread, but this scene seems very glitchy.

    -- ------------

    I found a glitch in the office room after Clem cuts her finger helping you move the desk.

    The glitch occurs when Lee goes to the first aid kit and returns with a bandage. Immediately after Lee applies the bandage, the camera is low to the ground where you see Lee's back with Clem sitting on the desk.

    I was able to hit the dialog button to bring up 4 button-choices (ie: any word from Glen, how are things, etc). But when this dialog appears, Clem asks if her parents are okay.

    Because you bring up the 4 dialog options before Clem asks about her parents, you're stuck with 4 choices that do not respond to her question. If you pick something, Clem will react based on the 4 choices rather than the question she just asked.

    However, when she finishes speaking, you will hear her voice say "I asked you a question!" Unfortunately you are never given the option to chose to tell Clem that her parents are alive/dead.

    This is on the XBox 360.
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