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Playing Dead discussion.

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A lot of you have seen this already since we're getting press coverage today, but there's the link to the first episode of Playing Dead - a new online talk show we're producing to offer you a behind the scenes look at the making of the Walking Dead game.

Our video editor Shaun Finney spearheaded this project, and it turned out great! A.J. Locascio (the voice of Marty in the Back to the Future game) is hosting, and the first episode features some of the Telltale crew talking about their favorite moments from Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comic, and an interview with lead designers Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman on what the game is, and what to expect from it. There's screenshots from the game throughout the video.

The first episode will be hitting iTunes, Xbox Live and PSN soon, and we'll have new episodes for you on a biweekly basis going forward, with 9 episodes in total.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Handy Links:

Playing Dead Episode 1
Playing Dead Episode 2
Playing Dead Episode 3
Playing Dead Q&A 1
Playing Dead Q&A 2
Playing Dead Q&A 3
Playing Dead Episode 4
Playing Dead Episode 5
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  • When is Season 2 coming out???
  • nomecopies;613997 said:
    When is Season 2 coming out???
    Season 2? Don't you mean Episode 2? :p
  • Nope, I was joking :D
  • nomecopies;614015 said:
    Nope, I was joking :D
  • Oh... Now I understand what happened... I read "Now the obvious question.... When is Episode 5 coming out!? lol" and I thought he was talking about Episode 5 of the game... so I made the exageration even bigger asking for the Season 2... but now I have noticed that he was talking about Episode 5 of Playing Dead...

    Mega epic fail :D
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Still, the stuff is named far too similar. Every week there are people here who get confused about video series and game Season.
  • A.J. is adorable. *sigh*
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    flash-900;615305 said:
    How about a little less of the talk fest and promo love ins and some more work on the game itself you are falling behind in your own planing
    The 40 minutes we spend filming these after work doesn't cut into dev time. That's not how reality works! The videos are made by people completely separate from the dev team, except for the actual part where we do the taping, which, again, happens pretty late at night on Fridays when we would normally be at home or taking a break.
  • Lol, The talking in the game was pretty annoying. I would like more of the playing. Hopefully in this second episode!
  • Pulse;615406 said:
    Lol, The talking in the game was pretty annoying. I would like more of the playing. Hopefully in this second episode!
    This is a graphic adventure. The talking it's important to develop the story in this kind of games. What do you expect? Besides there are a whole scene where you fight with zombies. What else do you want?
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