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Survival Priority Thread (potential spoilers)

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So in another thread xtimelessx posted their survival priority list. I thought it was a good idea and made my own to post but thought this deserved it's own thread. So here is mine and please post your own.

Survival Priority
1) Clem - She's smart and knows when I need a hammer. Above all children represent humanity's future.

2) Kenny - I didn't like Kenny much at first, but he grew on me at the pharmacy. He reacted really well when things went to hell and kept his cool, devised a plan, and executed it. He'll make a good alternate leader for the group. I'll just have to keep an eye on his reliability issue.

3) Katjaa - Zombies aren't the only danger in the world we are heading into and having a trained medical professional around isn't going to hurt our chances at survival any.

4) Carley - She might not be the brightest battery in the bunch, but she can handle herself pretty well in a fight.

5) Lilly - Doesn't seem to be much of a fighter, but being a mechanic has some good utility.

6) Duck - Antithesis of Clem. If she's the future of humanity, duck is the future I don't want to see for humanity.

7) Larry - Let's see, you know I'm a convicted murderer, so you try to ditch me by punching me in the face and leaving me to die. When that doesn't work you try to blackmail me and your biggest fear is that I want to bang your daughter. I don't even know why I rated you because seriously, you aren't on my list of survivors.
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  • I think you messed up on 7, you are describing Larry
  • i assume 7 was ment to be larry :D
    Mines the same as yours but swap doug with carley :D.
  • My Survival Priority

    1. Queen Clem
    2. Queen Clem
    3. Queen Clem
    4. Water for Queen Clem
    5. Food for Queen Clem
    6. Kenny because he's an ally as long as duck is alive2
    7. Duck. Because without Duck Kennys going to go to pieces
    8. Kaatja Medical reasons even if she is a vet on domesticated animals like dogs and cats.
    9. Doug- Doug may be a bit of a coward but ultimately he has technical knowlledge which could come in handy if we need him to jury rig an generator or something. Also his weight can come in handy as a barricade.
    10. Varsity guy - If we tie an rope we need tossed to a football sized object and he can throw it giving us a line of rope.
    11. Glasses McArrowShoulder- He could be an intellectual
    12. Any zombie ever.
    13. The Bandits
    14. Larry
  • 1- Clementine: A kid alone in the apocalypse, she's also a smart kid and she manages to keep her cool about her parents like an adult.
    2- Kenny: He didnt have to offer us a ride but he did also he saved Lee after Larry left him for the walkers so i guess he's a good guy
    3-Katjaa:A good hearted woman also if i remember correctly she's a vet, that might come in handy...
    4-Carley or Doug: Carley's a good shot and since she didnt reveal Lee's secret(at least not at that time) she's also good. Doug is a smart guy who knows about electronics and the way Carley puts it he's also a hero.
    5-Duck:I will try to save him too if i get the chance because he's just a kid. Although he may look useless, i believe he actually plays a key role because if he dies then probably Kenny and Katjaa will go mad and all of their abilites will become useless along with the boat that we might try to escape with.
    6-Lilly:I dont read the comic book but the way i heard she becomes evil. Well, if the game follows a different path like the TV series then i believe it's too early to jugde if she's good or bad
    7-Larry: I dont know if he was an okay guy before but the way the game shows us, the guy becomes panicked easily, has a heart condition. He's also the kind of guy who will shoot before asking(Duck's case) and he doesnt seem to care if anyone else lives besides her daughter. Also again i think he jugded Lee too early and left him to die which was NOT cool. I would only save him because he's a human being but if he continues to act like he did i wouldnt even try to save him.
  • We knights gotta stick together..

    1. Queen Clem
    2. Queen Clem
    3. Queen Clem
    4. Water for Queen Clem
    5. Food for Queen Clem
    6. Kenny because of the homo parade rule..
    7. Duck only when there is no better option.
    8. Kaatja someones gotta keep duck clean and checked for bites
    9. carly cos she has secret and i want to know what it is, plus gun skills
    10. Varsity guy seems to know how to use a sniper rifle/zombie chow option
    11. Glasses McArrowShoulder (lol nice call cap) again zombie chow option to save others
    12. Any zombie ever.
    13. The Bandits

    Appendix: option to get rid of Larry at anytime
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