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2nd playthrough bug?

posted by leimanaang on - last edited - Viewed by 307 users
Hi. So I am doing a second playthrough and Glen will not call. I have gone into the office moved everything, given Clem the band aid, gotten the remote, talked to everyone out in the drug store (and passed out the bars), gone outside and had Doug turn on the T.Vs, even proving to him about the z having the keys, and still no call.

What else do I need to do? Am I missing something? (Oh I am on the PC)
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  • If I remember correctly it should trigger when you leave the back office, so go in there again and do everything you can do there.
  • I did everything I could picked up everything, talked to everyone, got the t.v's on, showed doug the pic etc...; I logged back in today and could talk to Carley and then go to the motel. Strange; I never got the scene with Glen calling at all but I finally could go and save him.
  • dont give up the remote to doug yet, just talk to the others inside the drugstore after uve gone thru the office, sure thing glenn will call, i think..
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