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Wreck-It Ralph

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I probably shouldn't be starting a new thread over a movie trailer, but it's such a freakin' awesome trailer, I couldn't help myself. This movie is going to be SO awesome.

Watch and squee.
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  • Shauntron;617425 said:
    Not Pixar! Regular ole Disney Animation studios.
    Then I refuse to watch this filth :p

    Nah, I must've been a bit too giddy to take it all in (I swear Deku Link's in the background in that massive sequence)
  • (Before Trailer)
    Frigging Disney thinks it can put out any BS it wants and still make money... there is absolutely now frigging wa-

    (After Trailer)

    You have regained my respect. You may take my money.
  • I've been following this movie for quite a while now, a good few months at least.

    It certainly looks fun, what with the video-game references and all. However, Disney Animation Studios are hardly in the same caliber as their subsidiary company; Pixar. That's not to say that the film will be bad by any means, far from it but it does mean that I'm not quite ready to get to hyped for this movie just yet.

    One and a half hours of nostalgic video-game references and little else, a good film does not make. The trailer really didn't show much in the way of actual story or characterisation (aside from the basic overall premise). Only the final film will show how well the characters interact with each other and whether the film has real heart.

    The references within the trailer did make me laugh; however not because the "jokes" were intrinsically funny in of themselves but rather because I "got" the reference. A genuinely funny film should allow everybody in the audience to understand the joke without having to have an intrinsic knowledge of popular culture. Otherwise you just end up with 'Family Guy'.

    As an aside, I thought that it was interesting that Disney were clearly unable to license the characters of Kano ('Mortal Kombat') and Samus (Metroid); due to their lawsuit avoiding "likenesses". It seems a shame to have so many actual classic video-game characters mixed in with "inspired by" characters, when the geeks in the audience will clearly know who they should have been, sans legal issues. I fear that it might take me out of the movie by reminding me that the real world is ruled by lawyers!

    I shall continue to keep this on my radar and hope for the best. It's looking promising so far but it still has everything to prove at this point.

    Overall opinion = A great concept, which hopefully has the script required to fulfill it's potential.
  • I just noticed, one of the baddies in the support group was a freaking Beholder.
  • I'm going to be honest and say that I liked Tangled.
    Not up to Pixar's calibur but not too far off.

    Gives me hope that this film will be pretty good.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    The last few years of Disney animated films have actually been really good: Bolt, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Winnie the Pooh.

    With the heads of Pixar in charge of Disney Animation after Disney's purchase of Pixar, Walt Disney Feature Animation is actually making entertaining films again. :)
  • I spend a couple days in the mountains, and this piece of awesome is waiting for me when I get back.
  • RetroVortex;617286 said:
    I have been tracking this film for a while and HOLYFRICKINSHITBALLSONAFLAMINGSTICK!!! I WANT THIS! :D

    Its like it was the film made for me. <3</div>
    "holy fricken shit balls on a flaming stick"...

    I'm amused, amazed and confused all at the same time with this.
  • Be honest disney, you made this for an excuse to put other famous video game characters in Kingdom Hearts didn't you:p

    Seriously though... yeah I'm watching this just to see if I get all the references.
  • Looks great! A kind of modern Roger Rabbit...

    Now tell me the truth: Who else is expecting to see Guybrush here? It would be a perfect cameo. Or LeChuck, to keep the bad guy thing going :D
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