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Oranges and Lemons : The Clementine support group thread

posted by Milosuperspesh on - last edited - Viewed by 17.1K users
Didn't see any others up for her ;)

post anything clem related :)

Firstly make sure she is fed in episode one she may not say anything but others will notice you doing it.

try and save her ! if you don't she constantly reminds you...guilt trip ;)

also if possible find a new walkie talkie for her or if you saved doug try and get him to fix it later on ! (not confirmed if it's possible)
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  • CapnJay;618975 said:
    Here's a Question how many Clementine Loyalists {Envisioning Magnificent Empires Naturally Taking In Natures Environment. } Would have willingly volunteered the Big Daddy Project in Bioshock?
    Instantly. Btw. Bioshock 1 was good. Bioshock 2 was AMAZING. Only twdg have I felt more in tune to a game. Beautiful art direction and set pieces. Sucks the 3rd was delayed but looks totally worth the wait.
  • To sacrifice ones life and mind to protect another
  • The true life of a parent.
  • Balisong123;618959 said:
    How do I join, then?
    join the knights in queen clem service ? The royal coat of arms is bestowed upon, after a brief probation period..(how'd you get yours ?)

    this thread should of the rules in it already..

    in short defend the orange aka clem from all harm and deny larry the power of control and maybe his peelz

    be nice to kenny and katjaa, doug or carly, duck is purely optional

    if we the head knights deem other people worthy of the queen they will be added..

    doctrine appendix
    Orange juice is now a holy beverage and should only be drunk sparingly or in prayer time for our souls and our queens.

    New knights are allowed to use the seal while on probation..

    root beer is part of a healthy diet

    Puppies are no longer considered a delacasy they are pets not food.

    Goit, smeghead, gimboid and dog breath are considered jokes among friends.

    Reprogramming mechanoids is frowned upon unless it's called kryten.. and is non lethal/dangerous..

    ainsley harriot is a gelf in disguise please avoid his cooking..

    Cute Llamas Eat Mongoose Enchalada's Nightly Transcending Inidoctrinated Numpties Evolution
  • Milosuperspesh;618474 said:
    skits is out ! you get the wooden spoon :P

    who will be next ? who will be left standing ?

    Capnjay Lists Elephants Monitoring Egg Noodles Through Indiscretions Noticed Everywhere..

    Calling Love Essential May Excite New Tennis Interest Near Edinborough..

    Creating Low Energy Mechanoids Emulating New Technology Inside Noisy Enviroments
    you have miss spelt EDINBURGH
  • patchcookie;619090 said:
    you have miss spelt EDINBURGH
    lol excuse me but that version just looks stupid...edin burg sounds wrong,

    edin borough sounds right...

    but what ever....
  • If Clem gets bitten at the end, I have a clear conscience, click...BOOM. Silence.
  • Milosuperspesh;619117 said:
    lol excuse me but that version just looks stupid...edin burg sounds wrong,

    edin borough sounds right...

    but what ever....
    It's not edinburg or edin borough its edinburgh :)
  • ommmnomnomnom;619275 said:
    It's not edinburg or edin borough its edinburgh :)
    double posting again... tut tut

    I missed a h out big fat hairy deal.... ever think it was deliberate?!
  • Whatchu talkin bout Clementine
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