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After, King's Quest, what about Police Quest?

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Actually, a series that might better fit the serialized structure of Telltale game's development might be Police Quest! So after giving us the pseud-mideviel period in KQ, maybe they could give us a new adventure of the blue knights of Lytton?

One thing that would make it work well, was that PQ series was split into 'days', and you really only had access to a few areas each day! Clues would lead you to new areas, and there was the occasional car chase, and arrest in the early games.

Thus Telltale could easily split the game up into seperate days. They could have the overworld map of Lytton (or other cities) be the way you get around to the areas that are required. But you would have to learn about the areas you need to get to during your investigation or from radio dispatches!

The central main area, like in the early Police Quests would be the Police Station! That would appear in every chapter!

Plus the game would allow for Telltale to to tell a gritty story, but with some humor here and there; Death messages, stuff like the newspaper articles about King Graham and Daventry seein the first and second game (which they could make references to Telltale's KQ series), the software collections installed on the Police computer systems, and other stuff akin to the "Grimlin", (a humorous series of gags that occured in PQ1), and mixed into random conversations in the game with other people in the force or answering machine messages received dialing in random telephone numbers (or numbers written in the records)!

Another good series that could be split up into separate games/chapters, but reuse a limited space is the Laura Bow series.
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  • Pretty good idea actually. There could be one larger case which ties the episoder together and then there could be these smaller crimes as side dish.

    But the game would need a certain degree of real policing procedures to be followed though, as that's so deeply in the core of the series.
  • I agree! I wonder if they could get Jim Walls again.

    The question would be to stick to 1980's procedural work, or update it into the present time... Older Detective Sonny Bonds, or maybe even Sonny, Jr.
  • It actually could be interesting to see Sonny Bonds JR, as Sonny himself was such a by the book kind of a guy, that he'd leave a legacy hard to follow for a kid following daddys footsteps.
  • I would support a new police quest game... I do admit though its probably my least favorite of the old sierra series of games.
  • My least favorite is the LSL games really... and maybe Police Quest 4 (the first three are great though)...
  • I would be interested in a new Police Quest. But NOT with Jim Walls! What a sadist that guy was. Making us actually drive around and patrol because that's what real cops do. HELLO? Real cops do boring crap like paperwork too, but doing boring crap is the opposite of what makes a great game. He wasn't trying to make a great game, though; he was trying to make a police simulator, a training exercise. PQ1-3 were good, but maybe TellTale could make it better. After King's Quest, of course.
  • The idea of Police Quest was to portray how much procedure was involved. It wasn't an over-fantasized movie-like Police game. It was the real deal. In that respect, it naturally evolved into what eventually became the tactical simulators that are SWAT.
  • I actually thought the patrolling, issuing tickets, and car chase aspects of Police Quest were fun. They added a certain bit of arcade action to the games, especially the original Police Quest's version fo car chases...

    That's a feature I definitely want to see return in Police Quest...

    Actually, in Police Quest you are required to do paper work in places... and do it correctly. If you don't it will come back to haunt you later on!
  • Oh yeah, I'd like to see something like that!
  • I never got into PQ4 cause it seemed so detached from the rest of the series. (Plus Jim Walls had nothing to do with it) But I'd love to see another one.
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