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Very dark (xbox360)

posted by jonadg on - last edited - Viewed by 744 users

I´ve played through episode 1 on Xbox 360 (did it on broad daylight). And it was very dark, especially the inside locations, e.g. in the drug store I almost saw nothing. I wasn´t thinking much about it until I saw the playing dead episode 3 where they showed a scene inside the drug store where you could see everything pretty bright and colourful.

I did set the brightness in the option menu on full very early in the game (right after entering Clementines house), so I´m guessing the problem lies with the TV and the fact that theres a giant window in our living room, making it not ideal to play during the day...

anyone else experiencing the same problems and have any tips...except for playing at night, which is unfortunately not an option due to other people watching tv....

thanks in advance!
btw, love the game, cant wait for episode 2
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