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Soundtracks and Soundtracks Only

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Given the proliferation of "The X Threads", I've made a thread committed to music... but only soundtracks! Which ones have caught your interest lately? Why?

I remembered Musically Inspired discussing how he felt the original Batman theme was stronger than the new Batman theme of the Nolan trilogy. While I disagreed, I did agree about one thing... the Danny Elfman soundtrack is amazing.

It's awesome Hollywood music at its best. Bold, big, brassy. "Waltz to the Death" is a creepy track that just invokes the image of Joker dancing along at the top of the cathedral.

The actual Batman theme itself is interwoven into many of the action sequences, and the spirit of this 80s Batman just pops to mind. That raw fighter, cruising along through the skies, forming the Batman silhouette upon the moon. Awesome.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I've always had a fondness for the Ghostbusters soundtrack, both for it's orchestral score and for it's licensed songs. After reading the title of this thread, I immediately got Elmer Bernstein's main title theme of Ghostbusters in my head. :)
  • I can't really say that I enjoy Elfman's music as stand-alone hearing, with the exceptions of his main themes. Elfman creates some awesome movie themes (with Batman and Spider-Man being among my favourites), and he's actually a really awesome composer in that his music really compliments what's happening on the screen and greatly enhances the mood, but is impossibly boring to listen by itself (unless he somehow weaves in the main theme into the tune :p ). But that's just me, I guess.
  • I have a fondness for (what else?) the music from the Star Wars films. It really was the best part of the movies, especially the prequel trilogy, but it's amazing in its own right.

    Listening to it separately is actually a really weird experience, because you keep getting images in your head of the scenes the music is from, but because it's in your mind it can be radically different to how it actually played out in the movies. The piece that plays when Luke looks at the sunsets is amazingly epic in my mind. It's hard to go back to putting it to actual images now.
  • For recent soundtracks, I can't name any that I've thought stood out among the rest. I really miss Jerry Goldsmith's scores. I do think the scores to the Stargate series were fantastic, though.
  • I think the last Goldsmith score I recall is the 13th warrior.
  • I am the same with you
  • I'm currently listening to the Gattaca soundtrack.

    Michael Nyman is a majestic composer. Some of the songs on this album are so strong I get chills. "The Arrival" uses strings with such finesse and grace, and the upwards swell of the song really reaches into the heart. You really feel the protagonist's pain.
  • One of my favorite soundtracks is still the Enchanted soundtrack. Also, any Phineas and Ferb soundtrack album.
  • GaryCXJk wrote: »
    One of my favorite soundtracks is still the Enchanted soundtrack. Also, any Phineas and Ferb soundtrack album.

    I'm going to be honest here.

    My little brother keeps putting Phineas and Ferb on in the morning.

    I actually secretly stay in bed and watch an episode or two.
    (I um.. kinda like it... XD)
  • Most of the CDs I have are movie soundtracks. I think they make good background music when I'm also doing something else. Star Wars and Indiana Jones are always good, and I'd recommend some Pixar scores as well (in particular, "The Incredibles" and "Monsters, Inc.").
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