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Tex Murphy Kickstarter

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An IMPORTANT MESSAGE from "ChrisJones", administrator of the forum of The Unofficial Tex Murphy website (it's maybe the most important website for Tex Murphy) - presumibly speaking for Chris Jones himself :

There is nothing wrong with your computer monitor. Do not attempt to refresh the page.

We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper.

We control your computer monitor - but you control the fate of the Tex Murphy franchise.

Tune in to the Unofficial Tex Murphy website on Tuesday, March 20 to receive further instruction.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled internet browsing.
Chris Jones acquired the rights for Tex Murphy back in the 2009.
Is his franchise ready for Kickstarter???? I think yes!!!!
We'll know tomorrow!!!!
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  • If you are a fan of adventure games, and want to see the return of another great game series from the late 80's to late 90's, come support the 6th game in the Tex Murphy series on Kickstarter. We are 82% funded with 10 days left. Now is the time to join up before you miss out. Pre-order the game for only $15, or if you like other goodies such as documentary videos, t-shirts, or shot glasses, there are plenty of options above the $15 tier to get a bunch of other cool stuff as well (including all 5 original Tex games).
  • I believe in Tex Murphy so much, I pledged $10,000 to this campaign. I have also done some freelance advertizing for it and I should be able to do more after the minimal funding amount of $450K is reached.
  • UPDATE: Tex Murphy, Project Fedora is getting very close to being fully funded, just under 96% of the way there with 9 days left.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    It's now funded. I can't wait for the game. :)
  • A new Tex Murphy game is now a definite! If you'd told me that this would happen one year ago, I'd would have laughed in your face and called you a callus heartbreaking liar. Awesome source!
  • We could still use some more funds for Tex Murphy for a more expended story and more recognizable actors. About 77k to go for highest stretch goal.
  • I just pledged $115. Here's hoping that the project reaches its third stretch goal; a live orchestra for the music and a golf mini-game sounds pretty frickin' awesome.
  • We still need help with some DELICIOUS stretch goals for the final few days.

    They are:

    If we exceed funding by 10% ($495,000+): Additional story (including puzzles, gameplay, locations and characters) (ALREADY MET)

    If we exceed funding by 20% ($540,000+): Port the game to additional platforms, provide Text translations for French, Italian, German, Spanish (English will already be included). Finally, more recognizable actors.

    If we exceed funding by 30% ($585,000+): Another expansion of the story (including puzzles, gameplay, locations and characters), ingame golf game, and Live Orchestra for the games’ music.

    So please pledge if you haven’t yet for a bigger, better game!
  • Tex Murphy is still working on our stretch goals to better the game. We are now under 72 hours to go and need about $57,000 more to make the best game possible. See the above post for the stretch goal additions and if you like adventure games, join us at
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    Jennifer Moderator
    After lowering my pledge to SpaceVenture to $100 due to my credit card being maxed out, I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to do $100 for Tex. I completely forgot about my Paypal Bill Me Later Account! So, $100 went to Tex from me tonight. :) Yay for Paypal! :D
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