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  • I think it should definitely continue from the previous seasons, at least to some degree.

    "Cleaning up" is a good expression for what should be done, IMO. Don't throw out the past events and characters, but reference them and bring them back less often, only when they are relevant. Have some new things happen before next season. If Max isn't president in Season 3, it should be because he was impeached, not because he was never elected. Somebody should really clean up Sybil's office from the middle of the road, too.
  • No reset, are you joking?
    Resetting the setting in the easy way out the bad authors use.
    Telltale tried the hard way making a story which alters the setting so much... Now they can't just reset everything.

    Of course they can take it easy with some things:
    Sybil goes somewhere for living with her husband.
    Max is not elected again.
    S&M move in an other city (of course an other chunk of urban misery).
  • Definitely continue with the direction they're going. We've already got several great characters, such as Hugh Bliss, Brady Culture, Grandpa Stinky, Flint Paper, the COPS, Mr. Featherly, Jurgen and his monster, Leonard stuck in the closet (though it seems they finally let him out to attend the wedding)... it'd be a shame to throw them all out and start over. I do agree, there are some things that could use a little cleaning up... the office feels very crowded with the North Pole, talking bear head, and Wack-Da-Rats in it. I think the memorabilia items in the office should be small, or stuffed in the closet, like all the items from Season 1 were.

    I'm quite curious to see what will happen in Season 3, especially with the issue of a possessed DeSoto and how Bosco will behave now that he's clearly lost what little marbles he had left. There are also characters that were introduced in Season 2 that I hope we'll be seeing much more of. Namely Jurgen, Grandpa Stinky, and an occasional appearance T.H.E.M. (AHHH!!!).
  • i'm against resetting, some cleaning or reorganizing is in order however... i even think there should be a plot that involves events and characters from all the first three seasons. the final events of season 2 where the results of season 1 and 2 and season 3 should continue in the same manner to create a proper trilogy.
  • holy Cheese no D8 Would not want a reset. Maybe they could change their office again and the layout of the street , just to make things a bit more intressting, sorta like how they moved Sybils and opened stinkys, and they could have different seasons as well,e.g snow, but I love what we have here already. I love the world, with Bosco and Sybil and Stinky and I can see a lot more happening with them 8D

    A big part of a game, appart from the puzzle solving, is the storyline, otherwise its not the game that we already have fallen in love with. You see what I mean?
  • I'm way too mixed. I think you can reset it to the point of like 'fixing' Bluster Blaster, but I don't want all the characters to go away. I'd love to see new characters, but characters like Flint Paper, Bosco, and Sybil need to stay, along with more 'side' characters like Superball and the C.O.P.S. Obviously things can change, but I don't want a total reset unless they do a prequel like thing. I like consistency, even if Sam & Max often skips the big details (Like how they got to the moon in the comics :V) for silly humour.
  • Well, the reboot worked on James Bond - and he got to keep 'M' ... (but not 'Q')
  • Possibly all they need is a change of location?

    Sam and Max could hire an office in another state, or possibly another country.
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