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After, King's Quest, what about Police Quest?

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Actually, a series that might better fit the serialized structure of Telltale game's development might be Police Quest! So after giving us the pseud-mideviel period in KQ, maybe they could give us a new adventure of the blue knights of Lytton?

One thing that would make it work well, was that PQ series was split into 'days', and you really only had access to a few areas each day! Clues would lead you to new areas, and there was the occasional car chase, and arrest in the early games.

Thus Telltale could easily split the game up into seperate days. They could have the overworld map of Lytton (or other cities) be the way you get around to the areas that are required. But you would have to learn about the areas you need to get to during your investigation or from radio dispatches!

The central main area, like in the early Police Quests would be the Police Station! That would appear in every chapter!

Plus the game would allow for Telltale to to tell a gritty story, but with some humor here and there; Death messages, stuff like the newspaper articles about King Graham and Daventry seein the first and second game (which they could make references to Telltale's KQ series), the software collections installed on the Police computer systems, and other stuff akin to the "Grimlin", (a humorous series of gags that occured in PQ1), and mixed into random conversations in the game with other people in the force or answering machine messages received dialing in random telephone numbers (or numbers written in the records)!

Another good series that could be split up into separate games/chapters, but reuse a limited space is the Laura Bow series.
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  • Ya, I totally agree... It lacked much of the humor of the earlier games in the series... Was way too dark, and was procedurally simplified in some ways... It felt more like a bad hollywood thriller than the earlier games...

    That being said, some of the later SWAT stuff was great, and even brought back Sonny Bonds!
  • I would love a Police Quest series! The way they put together "Law & Order" looked very police quest-esque, but i opted not to jump into that game yetdue to it sounding kinda easy. I'll be playing it soon tho.

    I've played all the Police Quest games, and between Monkey Island and Police Quest they solidified my love of the "point n' click" adventure. I'd buy it in a second and would have great faith that TTG would come up with a great storyline. The idea of a Sonny Jr. living up to pops legacy would be an excellent start!
  • The driving and chase sequences in old PQ games suffered a lot from technical limitations of the era, especially in PQ1 remake and PQ3. The way driving was done in them made the scenes very sadistic.

    With todays tech those bits could be made actually enjoyable instead of frustrating.
  • I never could get into the police quests...but I would love a new space quest ;)
  • thetorturedbodysoul;622198 said:
    ...I would love a new space quest ;)
    Don't touch it, Telltale. That's morally and rightfully reserved, unofficially by fans, for the Two Guys themselves, now that they're back on the scene.
  • Aren't they planning something other than a Space Quest game...something inspired by it but without Roger Wilco? I don't know if it was because they couldn't work out any deals with Vivendi or what but idk, I just kinda missed ole' Rog. :P
  • Yes, they are. And honestly, I'm glad. I'm looking forward to seeing something new from them. But they have shared their desire and aspirations for getting back to Space Quest one day. That's why I said "morally, rightfully," and "unofficially".
  • It will definately be interesting to see what they come up with :D
  • BagginsKQ;620005 said:
    That being said, some of the later SWAT stuff was great, and even brought back Sonny Bonds!
    Really!? THE Sonny Bonds!?
  • Ya, he in SWAT 2, it says he was sent by his superiors in Lytton to LA to learn SWAT training, so he could learn how things were done in the big city.

    In SWAT 3, you have a chance to save the life of Marie Bonds, and she mentions that her husband is currently working in the Harbor Division. Marie actually appears in at least two missions. But that's the one where there is any more direct interaction with her, or where she is mentioned in the briefing. She is more or less generic "named" civilian that appears in some of the others.

    In SWAT4 he became the unit commander in Fairview, New York, actually he gives you most of the missions in that game.
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