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Sacrifice one TV show or game to save another

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If you could sacrifice one tv series or game you enjoy to renew a series or get a sequel what would you choose?

I'd Sacrifice Dexter for Terra Nova

I'd Sacrifice Assassins Creed for a Rule of Rose 2
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  • I love Portal, don't get me wrong.
  • Super Sentai for Metal hero.

    To compare, Here's the first Metal Hero (Space Sheriff Gavan):

    This is the sentai from the same year (Dai Sentai Goggle 5):

    Gavan looks cooler, for sure. And honestly I haven't Goggle 5, I just know it's theme song sucks.

    Here's the final Metal Hero (Robotack:

    You'd never guess there was an adorable puppy robot in there

    Sentai from the same year (Seijyu Sentai Gingaman)


    Oh hey, It's Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

    The picture of Robotack is a toy, yes. I couldn't find a good picture of it in the fighting mode

    Gingaman looks cooler here.

    So In the end, I wouldn't sacrifice Super Sentai for Metal Hero, just for Metal Hero pre-Kabutack.
  • I'd trade all 3 mass effect games for an create your own marvel mutants {not xmen destiny] and find your place in Marvel Society with multiple endings including Earth Ruler, Earth Savior, Leader of The Xmen, Independant Hero, Mutant trying to live a normal life
  • I would sacrifice almost any TV show for more Firefly. I loved that show, deserved so much more time than it got.
  • I would sacrifice Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes for Spectacular Spider-Man. Spectacular Spider-Man was super-awesome. And then it got canned. And now there's this Marvel's (and by 'Marvel's' I mean made by the new Marvel animation studio) crappy Ultimate Spider-Man show instead of it.

    Oh, wait, I can't sacrifice Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, because it gets canned too, and next year will be replaced by another Marvel's show based on the Avengers (which most likely will be as crappy as USM). ****.
  • Hey, your posts count looks like a man covering his ears with his hands!

    I'd sacrifice all the Marvel and DC Animated Movies and cartoons for a return to the DC Animated Universe.
  • I never was a DC fan. I love Batman though. But that's it.

    I can't call myself a huge Marvel fan either... I mean... I enjoy Iron Man, and I just FRIGGIN' LOVE SPIDER-MAN, but other heroes... eh, could live without them.

    Oh, btw, I don't remember in which thread you've congratulated me with a 1,000 post count, but thanks! :D Too bad whenever there's a nice round number (or just cool-looking, like, I dunno, 666 or 1001 :p ) you have to choose between 'not posting anything at all EVER' or, well, 'not living with that nice number you had in the post count'. It's sad, really :(
  • Family Guy for anything. The show has lost its originality and its just not funny anymore.
  • der_ketzer;610551 said:
    no. A sacrifice must be something hard to give up.
  • I'd sacrifice Dragon Age Origins for a new Batman with Baby Dahl or an expansion pack for Arkham City she's one of the most heartbreaking characters in the series
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