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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread

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When's that scheduled for then? :D
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  • OzzieMonkey;616064 said:
    Any point in hoping for a surprise announcement at E3 from Telltale?
    Not for another season of Monkey Island, no :(
  • Sadly I am not sure if there is hope anymore.
  • I hope they get around to a Monkey Island sequel, after King's Quest!
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    Chesterrush;619672 said:
    I hope they get around to a Monkey Island sequel, after King's Quest!
    Telltale would have to perform a complicated and dark voodoo ritual to get LucasArts to license Monkey Island to them again. LucasArts has gone back into "ignore anything that's not Star Wars" mode since they had a change in leadership.
  • Telltale should just start a kickstarter to raise the money to buy the entire IP altogether. Wouldn't be much, I guess, only a few billion to raise.
  • If LucasArts is smart, there will be no way it will sell the IP under any amounts of money (you NEVER do that. EVER. You have to be in shittons of financial trouble to do that). And LA IS smart. They're doing shittons of SW products to gain shittons of money. You may not like it, but you can't deny that it's a smart strategy that maximizes their profit.
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    LA would have to be dying to even consider letting go of the Monkey Island IP. They would probably like to remain in control of what is undeniably one of the biggest and most influential adventure game IPs in existence, even though adventure games are currently firmly in the "niche" category. The adventure genre may only have a snowball's chance in hell of ever coming back in a big way and re-entering the AAA market, but if it ever does, LucasArts would be in a very, very good position if they still have the Monkey Island IP.
  • I worry that it's only a matter of time until these forums get put into the archive section. I would very much like to see another season but am losing hope.

    Can Telltale even make a game as well done as season one anymore? After barely interactive Jurassic Park I have to wonder. The Walking Dead is a huge improvement over JP granted, but not at the level I would put Monkey Island.
  • I don't worry. It's only been three years. That's not so much compared to the gaps inbetween Monkey 2 and 3 / Monkey 4 and Tales.

    If this section ever goes into the archives - I'll dig it out again myself.
  • Monkey 5? Ain’t gonna happen. Tales 2? Unlikely. The public hating Lucasarts’ shitty games even more? HELL YES.

    I still have my hopes up that Telltale will acknowledge our demands for an Indiana Jones game.
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