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King's Quest Spin-offs

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The first 'KQ' game per se that you could ever say was released was Adventure in Serenia (Aka Wizard and the Princess). An adventure game released by Sierra in the early 1980s and designed/written by Roberta, it was set in Serenia, a land later revisited in KQ5. Roberta making the land in KQ5 be Serenia tied that game to KQ--Making it a game set in the same world, but not "KQ".

Would you ever support spin offs--in any genre, or different from KQ--that are set in the world of KQ, but don't concern The Royal Family or Daventry? Think sort of like Star Trek: The Next Generation, or spin offs of the series set in the same world--Expanding the universe of KQ and it's boundaries and mythos and perhaps even expanding the world KQ is set in into something truly large and interesting--Sort of making the "World of Daventry" into a setting like "The Forgotten Realms"--where the main KQ stories are just one of many stories in the same universe--Where the Royal Family are just one set of heroes in that world.

It'd take away a lot of the restrictions that the "rules" KQ has puts on stories and open up a lot of potential new ground but would allow you to also revisit beloved characters and lands that KQ first showed us, while offering up new ones as well. Perhaps in a story or two The Royal Family could even make a cameo appearance.
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  • What is this Mask of Eternia game you keep mentioning is it a He-Man game?

    By the power of Grayskull!

    I agree that games are a form of Cultural Capital - but Historians do not view history like an encyclopedia, all history is up for revision.
    I actually do follow this sort of thing, and find it fascinating. While this is partly true , "revisionism' without good reason with supporting facts is largely frowned upon. While sometimes it can be legitimate, that is to say there are solid 'facts' (archaeological research, maybe old government documents finally released to the public that shed new details), that confirm an event didn't happen the way contemporay writers and historians recorded it, or were told to record it, facts were suppressed, or misleading and biased opinions were made, etc (more common with military documents, government documents, and especially in toltalitarian regimes). However, often times "revisionism" is an illegitimate negation of historical record, also called 'denial', or negationism... As it chooses to ignore solid and citeable facts. However in general, a revisionist is not someone a person would want to be compared to, as it generally has negative connotations.

    Sometimes you get some strange ideas, like the idea that all the wars after WW2 and including WW2, were actually part of the actual "WW2". That is to say, that WW2 never really ended, but continued into the Cold War, and that Cold War is only part of WW2 (or WW2 is part of the greater Cold War). So not only are 'wars' not thrown out of the historical record, but rather combined into some uber '100 years war' by the revisionists... But other facts or detailed or negated or glossed over including the fact that the field of battle changed, as did the opposing forces/governments involved...

    One of my personal favorites for its 'colorful' description, is from some South Korean historians perspective in history is the idea that Korean War was 'WW3', the reasoning? Because with the UN involved, and because Russia and China, and a few other communist countries were supporting North Korea, there were representitives from around the world. No matter, that they were fighting over a very small region geography... Add to the fact that the war never actually truly ended (just a cease-fire), and thus that 'war' technically exists to this day, although its generally 'cold'!

    Now, to point out many themes that you overlooked!

    Actually KQ1 + KQ8 link up in themes as well. They are both games about a knight (Connor and Graham) who saves the kingdom of Daventry from near destruction evil (invasion and cataclysm), and save the king (Edward and Graham.) Actually its where the series went full circle, in a sense the ouroboros! A passing of torch so to speak, as they would say in Joseph Campbell (btw Mask of Eternity is probably an allusion to Joseph Campbell's Masks of Eternity)!

    In a way KQ3 and KQ8 share the idea of an unknown peasant who saves Daventry as well! Both make names for themselves by the end. Gwydion finds out he is Alexander, a noble prince, Connor finds out he is the prophecied Champion Eternal and noble.

    Did you know that Graham and Connor are the only two characters in the KQ games to have a 'jump command'?

    Did you know counting boxart, Connor and Graham are the only characters shown to wear full suits of armor (KQ1 PCJR box, and the KQ8 box).

    Did you know that Connor and Graham begin their respective games wearing nearly the same costume (w/ Connor minus the Adventure's cap)? Graham wears red, while Connor wears tan. Incidently Alexander wore the same costume in KQ5, but in a kind of cyan/blue.

    KQ6 and KQ8 are the only two games to have a "Sword Cursor"?

    Another thing is the magic mirror, it appears in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8! The mirror actually has more importance in the even number games strangely enough! That is the even number games the mirror is used to set the adventure, and show the quest objective! I.E. the mirror gives a 'prophetic' image to the hero or heros or even other characters. See, 2, 4, 6, and 8 (these visions are shown in the game on screen). These are the mirror themed quests.

    Odd numbered KQ games, that may include the mirror, the mirror is 'rescued or fixed'. For example its rescued in KQ1, and fixed in KQ3! But doesn't appear in 5 (although it would technically be rescued along with the castle in 5) nor does it appear in 7.

    Daventry as a land to explore only appears in 1, 3, and 8 in a playable way. Outside appears physically only briefly in 2, 5, and 7. The town of Daventry is alluded to in KQ1 manual, mentioned in KQ2 manual, and KQ5 manual, but only appears in KQ8.

    KQ1, KQ3, KQ4, and KQ8 are all stories that involve saving the King of Daventry from death or destruction.

    KQ1, KQ3, KQ5 and KQ8 all focus on saving the kingdom of Daventry itself from destruction.

    Did you know that they almost made KQ8 have Alexander as the playable character? But Robert decided that she wanted someone new instead? Because Alexander should be allowed to rule his kingdom, and he already had a happy ending?

    KQ5 and KQ6 link up as the story of Cassima, Abdul and Green Isles. Likewise KQ1 and KQ3 link up around the gnome Rumplestiltskin. KQ5 also includes Rumplestiltskin, but his personality doesn't match up in any way.

    KQ7 is one of the only games in the series that doesn't involve rescuing the King of Daventry, nor rescuing the kingdom in anyway! It does involve rescuing the king and kingdom in another country though. But Daventry has very little involvement in the entire story. But this is different than any previous KQ game (other than KQ2). Although KQ2, it is mentioned is all about finding a wife so that he can have heirs, so that the kingdom would not end up like it did under Edward (a king who had no blood heirs to pass the kingdom to)! So in a way it is kinda about 'saving the kingdom or rather dynasty'. But KQ7 has nothing to do with saving the kingdom in any form.

    Did you know that KQ7 is the only KQ game to not contain Graham, but Graham appears in nearly every game of the series including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.

    Did you know there were some reviews from when KQ7 came out, where the reviewers thought it should be considered a 'spinoff'? Felt it didn't fit with the earlier KQ games all, and that it felt different than KQ4 even? Did you also know that Roberta almost thought about marketing it as King's Quest: The Prince-Less Bride (abbreviated KQ7)?

  • So, what about a KQ Battle Chess game?

    Like the old Battle Chess series?


  • BagginsKQ;618606 said:
    So, what about a KQ Battle Chess game?

    Like the old Battle Chess series?


    I have never seen this SW computer chess game, but now I really want to play it....
  • Okay, back to the original topic for a moment... found a KQ reference I don't think has been mentioned here yet...

    I was playing Space Quest IV this weekend for the first time in a long while, and spotted a cameo by Cedric the Owl within the Ms. Astro Chicken game at the Galaxy Galleria's arcade.

    He flies by near the top of the screen, in the same zone the plane towing the MediaVision banner occupies at other times. It seems to be random and fairly rare, but I don't know many other owls who wear blue vests and a monocle.
  • You can actually shoot Cedric for points in that game.

    Cedric is also in Freddy Pharkas. Where he also dies a gruesome death!

    You you can mention Cedric in QFG4, as well, to which Leshy will "shudder'.

    There is a Cedric reference in SQ6 as well on the DeepShip, where if you try to enter one of the locations on the ship, the narrator, says if you go in there I'm staying out here.

    Although I don't think these 'easter eggs' count as spinoffs!

    Not anymore than Graham appearing in SQ4 on Estros, or being mentioned in Laura Bow 2, or Freddy Pharkas, or Police Quest 1 and 2 (along with Rosella), makes those games spinoffs!

    Or Genesta and Rosella mentioned in the Quest for Glory series (see also Rosella doll)!

    The Hoyle Book of Games Volume 1 was slightly more 'spinoffy' of multiple Sierra games, in that it actually had quite a bit of dialogue between the various characters (and adds some backstory to the KQ universe between Graham and Rosella).

    Hoyle 3 and Hoyle 4 also has several KQ characters (but they aren't used for any deep effect, no conversations). But was not really a spinoff (though they did make a KQ spinoff out of that game, by using it to make Graham's Board Games Challenge!).

    There was also Quest for Daventry pinball game included with the Take-A-Break pinball that was a bit of a spinoff from KQ5. Including Cedric and everything from that game!

    Of course King's Questions, the King's Quest trivia game!

    Interestingly enough King's Quest was actually a spinoff of Wizard and the Princess (which is considered the prequel to the series)!
  • gamingafter40;621270 said:
    Okay, back to the original topic for a moment... found a KQ reference I don't think has been mentioned here yet...

    Don't forget in the end of Leisure Suit Larry 3 Roberts directs "Rosella" to climb the whale tongue in Sierra Studios when Larry and Patti end up there. and in LSL2 Rosella cuts larry's hair.

    Sorry I wasn't trying to steer the topic into another direction with sw chess I just never saw it before. :)
  • Hey, the original topic was about 'creating a KQ spinoff" in other genres... I think a Kign's Quest Battle Chess could make for a interesting game! I was on topic!
  • Poker Night at the Inventory 2 with Cedric as one of the characters.
  • It's a poisonous hand...!
  • All overhanging foliage was banned from the Inventory after the notorious "Look, Graham! Tycho has four aces!" incident.
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