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The Desoto

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I love the desoto, '60s cars are cool, and the desoto was nifty and such...

but it wasn't front/all wheel drive...

when the desoto accellerates in every episode, it spins the front tires... I figured it was just an animation flaw of sorts?

But in 205, the desoto is angrily spinning front ?and? rear wheels...

I dunno...

no physics are you know.. "real" in this game and all, and sam has infinite bullets and 8mhz machines have infinite retries and well, lots of things aren't exactly on par with reality and I don't mind, I like the odd time-travelling anomoly.

But being a automotive afficionado, it just bugs me to see wrong wheel drive put on such a nice car :D

am I retarded? does anyone else cringe when they see an oldsmobile toronado and just think: SACRILIGE!

heh... oh wells :)

- R
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