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Petition: Sam & Max Plush Toys

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 26.1K users
We've all discussed it, but now we can let Telltale know of our desires all in one thread, which will hopefully be full to the brim of people wanting Sam & Max Plush Toys.

Show your interest to Telltale here!
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  • tabacco;61935 said:
    Well, I'm not Jake, but...
    Yeah, well, it's like 1:30 AM here, and I'm not thinking straight. Or typing straight.
  • Yeah, there's a couple of stuffie houses out there that do manufacturing for comics/comics related merchandising. My friends Mel and James who do Two Lumps got stuffies made, and they're a teeny little (hysterically funny) comix team.

    When I was publishing comics back in the early 90's we got approached by a lot of toy houses when we did shows like San Diego and Dragon, but all of out titles were "mature audience", and comic retailers were already catching flack at that period for carrying books like ours, (the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund had to defend a retailer for selling one of my books) and we didn't have any iconic characters like Sam and Max, so it wouldn't have made any real business sense.

    But Sam and Max are iconic, they have a pretty big fan base, and it sure seems like there's enough of us willing to pony up (heck, I'll preorder), that Telltale could meet the minimums for most of the toy houses that do this sort of merchandising.

    (I'm voting for a Desoto with the characters in)
  • I would buy two plush toys: Max & "Torture me Elmer".
  • Winifred;61954 said:

    (I'm voting for a Desoto with the characters in)
    The only way I would buy one of those is if it was dye cast. Preferibly the 12 inch kind that they sell at NASCAR conventions.
  • My daughter and I would literally chew our own limbs off for Sam and Max Plushies :p Bring forth the plush toys and let us bask in their wholsome goodness.
  • The H*R figurines are in the store for $15 now, that would be nice to have the same thing of S&M. I can live without a Max plushie if i can get all the major S&M character figurines :)
  • Only if they have guns! I demand guns! (for Max atleast)
  • I would spend cash for a plush Sam & Max, and would love to see Sam & Max's car the DeSoto with little figures.
  • I would love Sam & Max plushies!
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