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Telltale Games Forums Secret Santa 2.5 - The Summer-ing LE BIG REVEAL!

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Hello! Welcome again to the Telltale Games Secret Santa Extravaganza (Summer Sale Edition)!
Sometime within the next few weeks, Steam will host it’s annual(ish) Summer Sale, reducing the prices of very nearly every game in its catalog. During the Summer and Winter sales, us here at the Telltale Games forum like to hold a “Secret Santa” event. In this, everyone agrees to buy a gift to a random ‘target’ and to receive a gift from another who signed up to participate.

Basic rules:

Unlike previous competitions, there is no maximum on the amount spent (it is up to your discretion). You must, however, spend at least $2.50 USD. However, to counteract any potential scammers trying to get a free game, we request that anyone who signs up has a join date of April 2012 or earlier. Anyone who joined later will be capable of joining the Winter Santa event.

To Sign Up:

Post in this thread saying you’re in (preferably with your Steam wishlist, so your gifter knows what to buy for you)! Then, please PM user divisionten with the email associated with your Steam account. We're co-running this iteration of the Secret Santa event. Simple as that! The second day of the sale will be when we contact you regarding your targets. Until then, just wait!

List of Participants:
Captain Picard
Darth Marsden
Giant Tope
Rather Dashing

Most importantly, have fun! :) This is a good bit of community interaction that I can speak from experience as having helped me become even better friends with some of those who frequent these parts.


PS. Opinion survey: Do you think it should be made immediately known to those who get their gift who their gifter was as soon as it arrives, or should it remain anonymous until the conclusion?
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Oh, good. I didn't notice the previous secret santa threads until they were over, and I always enjoyed real life secret santa when we had them at work. So, I'd like to join in this time. :) Here's my Steam wishlist.

    As for the question about when to let people know who your secret santa was, I don't have any particular preference, but I don't see any harm in letting people know who your secret santa is as soon as you receive your gift. :)
  • Consider me in. Who needs money anyway? Wishlist.

    As for my vote: Wait until it's all over before revealing giftees. Adds to the mystery.
  • Ohai. I'm in, and I will soon be sending a PM to.... myself! When I have actual Internet (not just my phone) I will give you my wish list.

    Also, this tread is now sticky'd.
  • I'm in.

    Here's my wishlist. I think I just quickly through stuff in there the last time the "win all 10 items in your wishlist" thing was going on, so feel free to go off of it. Makes it more surprising/exciting. ^.^

    Also, is it possible to go anonymous?
  • TomPravetz;622828 said:
    Also, is it possible to go anonymous?
    Nah, it'd be fairly easy to figure it out at some point as I believe the gifting page links to the gifter's steam page. But we could go on the honor system assuming we don't sign the gifts as being expressly from us.
  • Right, I (with help from an associate whose name ends with 'p' and starts with 'tom') have devised a way to do this entirely anonymously causing minimum trouble to everyone. Basically, just make sure Divisonten is one of your friends on Steam before this starts. Everyone will be gifting their gift to her, and she will (as soon as possible) re-gift it using the inventory system to whomever is supposed to recieve it. Please leave the message you intend to leave your recipient in the message box of your gift to Divisionten, as she'll just copy and paste it (and will probably sign the 'from' as 'Your Secret Santa' or something similar) As such, your emails aren't being spread around as Divisionten is the only one who'll have access to them. As such, there will be no way to know who gifted what until the conclusion when all will be revealed. Much fun!
  • Ribs;622853 said:
    (with help from an associate whose name ends with 'p' and starts with 'tom')
    Oooh. Who could that be? The secrets are already starting! *squee*
  • Count me in. Wishlist right..... here
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