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Reboot or continuation?

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Every article keeps referring to this as a King's Quest "reboot". However, in this article, Telltale's Steve Allison says it's "much like we did with Monkey Island", and I think most of us wouldn't call TOMI a "reboot".

So, when they say "reboot", do they just mean "relaunch"? Will it be a TOMI style continuation? Or a KQII+ style reimagining of the existing timeline?
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    Irishmile;455664 said:
    I think they could make a sequel and be vague on when it fits in with the rest.... It could be at the same time as three... or even during six or seven..... Because Graham had to be doing something during those times.
    Bingo. I think this is where they will go with it.
  • I'd really like to know what Graham was doing during King's Quest III while Alexander was fighting to get himself home and rescue his sister. I'd feel so much better if I thought he just barely made it back to his throne after dealing with some other crisis; the ending as-is gives the impression he's just been sitting in his throne room, eating bon-bons and beersicles.
  • Actually its stated what was happened to the King and Queen when the dragon invaded during the game (multiple characters describe how the king reacted)...

    As per the gnome;

    You speak directly to the old gnome. He chuckles softly to himself, then replies, \"It's about time you got here, lad... I mean, Prince Alexander. Welcome home! Heaven knows, we need you. Daventry's been suffering for years now, since that despicable dragon came.\""

    ""The old gnome narrows his eyes to slits and leans forward in his chair. \"That monster demanded the sacrifice of your poor sister, Princess Rosella, and I'm afraid time is running out. Your parents, the King and Queen, are suffering such grief they have locked themselves in yon castle and refuse to see anyone.\""
    As per the Oracle;
    "Years ago, a terrible three-headed dragon invaded Daventry, and keeps the people in a state of terror. This monster requires, once a year, the sacrifice of a young maiden.\"

    "\"Sadly, your own sister, Princess Rosella, is the chosen one this year. Time is running out for her, your parents, and Daventry.\""
    According to Rosella;
    "You ask Rosella about your parents. \"Mum and Dad were heart-broken when you disappeared as a baby,\" she explains. \"Dad searched EVERYWHERE for you. Obviously, he never found you.\" \

    "You ask Princess Rosella to tell you about Daventry. She replies, \"Hard times hit Daventry right after you were kidnapped. Dad and Mum tried, but it was like they had lost their will.\" Clenching her fist, Rosella continues. \"We were down on our guard, and the terrible dragon came. We all thought it was the end.\""

    "\"I was scared, you know,\" your sister answers. \"But, I DID want to be brave. I was hoping my sacrifice might somehow help.\" She brightens a bit. \"Maybe, it did. Because of me, YOU came. Now, we're together again, and together we can put Daventry right!\""

    "You comment upon the spoiled scenery of Daventry. Princess Rosella looks disgusted as she replies, \"The dragon did all that. He burnt our countryside, and we were all terrified to even come out of our houses. You don't remember, but it used to be very beautiful.\""
    Of coarse, if you are into expanded universe material, two of the King's Quest novels shoe-horned some other adventures between the period... Graham isn't nearly as remorseful as he's described to have been in the game.

    The King's Quest Companion also describes the between years period between the children's birth, the kidnapping, the disasters, and the dragon invasion, graham's questionable choice to sacrifice innocent virgins, up to beginning of KQ3, a little bit as well. But it more or less sticks closer to the melancholy doom and gloom period described in KQ3.
  • BagginsKQ;623219 said:
    Actually its stated what was happened to the King and Queen when the dragon invaded during the game (multiple characters describe how the king reacted)...
    Thanks for the refresher and additional insights! I went back and looked at my own playthrough notes, and it looks like I only ever talked to the Oracle; I knew Rosella was held captive by a dragon, but not that a distraught King Graham had anything to do with putting her there. The additional backstory remarks from the old Smurf and Rosella seem to have completely escaped my notice. I don't think I ever realized you could ASK characters ABOUT things, Infocom-style, in KQ III. Cool!
  • Well its not so fancy, as to 'ask specific question';

    BUt if you type "talk character" you would get a message. In the case of the Rosella and the old "smurf" (heh heh), you can get several messages by repeating the command!

    BTW, if you are interested I have the scripts up for Wizard and the Princes and Adventure in Serenia (should be nearly complete), as well as ones up KQ1AGI, KQ2, KQ3, and KQ4AGI and EGA versions, and KQ8. I'm working on putting up the ones for KQ5, KQ6 at the moment. Will get around to KQ7 as well.

    You might find some material that you missed!
  • A few AGI games did have the "ask about..." ability, though.
  • I really doubt this will be any sort of reboot, or retelling of any previous stories... Telltale seems to like to position their seasons in a self-contained bubble outside of any strict continuity.. Sitcom-style.

    The Sam & Max games have some internal continuity in their series, but it's a pretty standalone formula.. And Monkey Island sort of stopped meaningfully advancing the plot after MI2.... (no, I don't consider an eternal, unending series of LeChuck battles and winning back Elaine to be part of the Ron Gilbert or MI "canon").

    So it feels like Telltale will probably decide where everyone is, what they're up to, and then have a plot that doesn't really change that. Doesn't mean it won't be any good, though.
  • King's Quest was for the most part always self-contained bubbled stories, with only limited continuity between only a couple of games at the most. The references or a character may return, but the story itself was largely self contained to the world/land being explored in the game.
  • I think it was some of the HC fans, who started to take the contiunity of KQ series a bit too seriously by trying to link every occurance together from all the games. That formed into way too heavy handed use of the black cloacks as some sort of millenia long conspiracy aimed to crumble Daventry.
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