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New Direction is Best

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First time poster here!

I'm now 31 and I've played almost all of Sierra's games since I was a kid (yes even Larry... we were cool back then... and how else do you think I learned how to play Blackjack!)

I loved every moment of these games and they really challenged the mind. They hold a special place in my heart.

However, we should get with the times.

King's Quest is a controversial series due to the loyal fanbase; I know it will be hard to please everyone. But I don't think going for a 2D classic game will cut it this time.

I think going for a 3D (please don't kill me) Mask of Eternity style'd game is the way to go, and adding more classic elements from the older games into it.

Think about it; a POLISHED free roam 3D game with classic item hunt and use mechanics with MINOR or REDUCED action sequences with a little more mature themes/humor would be pretty good if pulled off.

I don't want to feel nostalgic; if I want to I'll just replay the games. I want a new direction.

As far as puzzles, they should be challenging but fair. No dead-ends, but death sequences are ok (to provide a sense of urgency).

The best games this new generation for me were Demon's Souls & Dark Souls, simply because the mechanics of minimal plot, addictive combat, and challenge created a great formula. Every mistake you made was yours and you learned from it.

So putting this philosophy into the new game would surely be helpful.

Sorry for the long post!
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  • Be prepared to be jumped on by certain faction of long term board members...
  • I'd like to see Telltale's new King's Quest as a first-person-shooter.
  • I'm torn. I liked MOE's approach. And I know I'm in the minority with that. I liked it's move into a new direction. I wish it would have incorporated more adventure-like puzzles and inventory. But I really liked the action element to it. I definitely thought it was a better game overall than KQ7 for sure. All evidence points to the fact that Telltale is trying to continue the "classic" King's Quest, though. And I just don't think that's possible, because of everyone's nostalgia. Will it continue from classic King's Quest, while trying to invoke Telltale's latest "cinematic" nonsense or will it actually move the franchise forward? Either can be bad case scenarios. We'll see.
  • In all seriousness though, Telltale is never in a million years going to make King's Quest: The 3D Action RPG. It's just not going to happen. Telltale doesn't make those kinds of games. Even Telltale's most crappy Dragon's Lair clone wouldn't qualify as an action game of any sort. They are all still technically point and click games. Now, I wouldn't call them adventure games, either, but that's another argument. And then of course, there's the other reason, which is that it's a truly terrible idea. You've named two examples (Demon's and Dark Souls--two of my favorite games this generation, too, by the way) that have absolutely no resemblance at all to King's Quest, not even to Mask of Eternity. Completely different types of games with completely different play mechanics, barring the fact that they are all in 3D. And then of course, you've got the fact that Telltale doesn't make original concept games. They revive well-known licenses and suck as much money as they can out of them by playing on fans' nostalgia before dropping them. That's their whole business model.
  • To clarify I don't mean the game should be a clone of DeS/DkS, rather just take the concept of urgency and challenge but being fair about it (no cheap shots yet no hand holding).

    I would not be interested to play a 2D game; that is too old school and is basically fan service to please the few hardcore KQ fans.

    The classic KQ games have not aged well either; I replayed KQ 2-6 in the last few months and there's so much cheese. MoE is not a perfect game yet the mature themes resonate more with me now than seeing Red Riding Hood or the 3 bears (again, call it blasphemy if you want but I'm not interested in children's fairy tales anymore).

    I'm not gonna speculate what they will do as that's another topic... but I personally feel it would do more harm to recreate a classic... that's why they are classics in the first place. Leave them be the jewels they are and make a new game with the elements of the series as a guide.

    A good recent example would be Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Again, not a perfect game (it had some pacing issues and some annoying sequences), yet I really did enjoy it and I think Mercury Steam did a fine job. It's the best selling Castlevania and they are now doing TWO sequels (Mirrors of Fate and LoS 2).

    I hope TTG can take this in consideration... make a reboot that is worthy enough to capture the hearts of the fans.
  • Also, if you think about it Graham is a knight; I don't see why it can't be a gritty adventure and he slays enemies with a sword. Why only with wits (or pies?!)
  • Sleeq wrote: »
    Also, if you think about it Graham is a knight; I don't see why it can't be a gritty adventure and he slays enemies with a sword. Why only with wits (or pies?!)

    Oy...there's that word again. "Gritty."

    Sigh...I'll leave that one alone for now. I know Anakin likes dark and gritty stories--he can probably field that one.

    Let me ask you this--would you also never go see a 2D animated movie? Is 2D animation also "too old school" for you?

    And some food for thought: I would argue that any new gameplay direction would mean jack shit if Telltale couldn't first capture the tone that the series is known for. This is actually the one area where I have pretty solid confidence in them though--by far the least of my worries.
  • Yeah, there's enough grit. I'm sick of it.
  • The big challenge in my opinion is that there isn't really a defining KQ game.. They are all different in some way or another... So you really can not make a game and say "YEP, NAILED IT!"

    As for a you're suggestions I think one thing we CAN agree on when KQ was done right it was an adventure game... KQ doesnt need to be MoE turned Skyrim.. Its ok for it to be nostalgic and "outdated" the fans that want this game love the old games as they are.. otherwise you wouldn't have people making fan games in the same decades old style... It isn't broke in my opinion.. why fix it?

    Will TTG make a great KQ game? I dunno.. I think they certainly have it in them, I think they will, but time will tell... I am looking forward to it.
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