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Hi. Emailed. Haven't heard anything back. What should I do?
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  • Had one reply message. Now haven't heard anything for a week. Can anyone help?
  • Hi,

    I replied to you, and answered your question, on June 20'th. As stated, I am not able to issue a refund for a purchase made through Xbox Live.

  • Yes and no. Your last email said

    (message about not finding my order number or email and that we cannot refund what isn't through our store. *paraphrase of course, I know there are rules at some places about reposting original emails*)


    It was AFTER that message where I replied that I had an Xbox. No reply at all. This whole thing is clown shoes. I have to email, tweet, sign up for a board, reply to threads, etc. all for one question.

    Xbox won't give me a refund. They say it is your promise, your problem.

    EITHER WAY, SAY I AM THE BIGGEST A-HOLE ON THE PLANET: It doesn't mean you should ignore my initial emails or the FIVE emails I sent in the past week replying to your message.
  • Asking the same question isn't going to result in a different answer. I explained to you that we're not able to issue refunds on purchases that weren't made through our store, because it's not something we're able to do. I understand your frustration, and I apologize, but we cannot issue direct refunds for purchases that were not made through our store. It's not something we're able to do.
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