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Walking Dead Refund

posted by Hastecaster on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
I'm tired of this...

I contacted Playstation, Playstation tells me to contact Telltale games, vice-versa.

I want my money back, I don't care. I want a refund for "The walking dead" full season.

I hate being lied to, your not my wife, my children or my folks. You get the benefit of stealing my money without a backhand to the face.

If I was a bank and you (loosely put) loaned $19.99 and you said you'd pay me back monthly and didn't... I would ram interest fees so far up your back side and run your credit so far into the ground, chernobyl would have a quicker recovery rate than you.

HOW DARE YOU LIE TO THE PUBLIC. Just so you are aware I have contacted my local advertising standards group through and am perusing the highest action possible against your false claims to the public.

Before the dumb 'haters' get all upset about 'monthly' not being consecutive. If I tell you "you'll get a monthly playboy subscription" when do you expect to get the second issue of your subscription?. the following month? or 3months later? If your cable bill is due every month and you pay your bills... you pay your bills monthly.

The game is okay, but I can wait until Telltale gives it to everyone for FREE! like every other Telltale game.

This is not a rant about hating TWD only the LIES! we are fed.

I would rather much be playing MAGIC 2013 or something else much better than waiting for the other 4/5s of my $19.99 though 12 months or more.
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  • Sorry buddy, I don't think they're giving any refunds.

    also, I don't think they've released their games for free.
  • No refunds.. This info is given when purchasing the game.
  • they are giving crybabies refunds if you contact support@telltale games. like jakes said before
  • I donno, They had a promotion before Jurassic park was released. If you purchased plus you got JurassicPark for free on release date. Also as of a few months ago they gave "Back to the future" eps 1-5 to plus members for free. I almost BTTF last year but didn't like the demo enough. This year I got it for free.

    I imagine next october, maybe not this one but next. If you are a playstation plus member you will get it for free. Its the way these things have been working out.

    Its either I get my $19.99 back or I store away my TWD comics, refuse to buy anymore and download every new copy of TWD to be released along with downloading season 3 of the Tv series.

    Issues like this is why collectors get so pissed. Why would I support a company/crew that cares less about the people who put food in their mouth. I've been with TWD since day 1, I've sunk countless coin into those incredible comics only to be sideswiped by the video game.

    With companies like capcom around allowing games like Marvel vs Capcom 3 then Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 to be released 6-9months later is atrocious, streetfighter 4, super streetfighter 4, super streetfighter 4 arcade edition. WTF...

    Gold diggers, who steal the ideas of the general public and abuse their supporters.
  • Well, you can try to e-mail them, Haste. That's about the only thing you can do right now. :)
  • CapnJay;624356 said:
    they are giving crybabies refunds if you contact support@telltale games. like jakes said before
    =( I don't want a crybaby refund I didn't buy that, I just want my refund for "the walking dead game".

    Also I am very sorry if I care about my hard earned money and the people who steal it from me, my mother doesn't feed me warm boob milk and tuck me in every night. Hoe should... but doesn't, I work my ass off 5-6 days a week for my money. I'll make the homeless sing me a song before I give them $5.00

    I have absolutely no respect for a someone who asks for the full amount up front and doesn't deliver on what they've promised.
  • Stealing would be taking your money and giving nothing in return. The game will be released and you'll get it. So, no theft has actually taken place.
  • Telltale can only give refunds to purchases made through their site and even then there has to be a valid reason for requesting a refund such as not being able to get the game working at all. An episode being late is not a valid reason for a refund. Any refund for a purchase elsewhere would naturally have to go through whoever the game was purchased from as there is no way Telltale to do that for systems they don't have access to (for information such as purchase history).
  • wow haste i gotta say i lol at your stupidity

    boob milk LoL

    'hoe should' respect your elders..

    as for your comment on capcom do they FORCE you to buy their products ? No.

    i'm not a psn user so what is this plus thing ? and how you get 'free games'
  • I can't help but agree with haste. I was just saying the other day that I was glad I didn't pay for the whole season. They should at least consider keeping people posted. It's called customer service. Have you ever made a business call and have them just leave you on hold without ever coming back? Doesn't it make you feel better when the person comes back and they tell you " HI MR SUCH AND SUCH, I'M STILL WORKING ON IT. I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN YOU."? Same difference.
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