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Interactive Achievement Awards - What the heck!?!?!

posted by tobar on - last edited - Viewed by 802 users
I just found out about this a few minutes ago and started watching just as they announced the finalists for downloadable game of the year. Sam & Max are nowhere to be found!!!!!!!! The runners were a bunch of 2D puzzle games! What !?!?!?!

Not only that, there are a number of categories that Telltale should have been represented in! Adventure game of the year, outstanding achievement in original music composition, outstanding achievement in story development, outstanding achievement in art direction etc.....Come on Interactive Achievement Awards!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Zeek;52796 said:
    Welcome to the art world. That's what I have to do just to find out I got rejected from a show.

    "Thank you for paying $20 for having us look at your art work, but we don't think you're worth hanging in our next show that is set to happen on some random Friday night in the warehouse district because that's all we can afford. Your $20 will go towards the beer at the event."

    "Please try again as your cash.. I mean Attempt means so much to us!"
  • ^They only say that if you check the box to be on their mailling list. :D
  • tobar;52779 said:
    I think all you have to do is look at these boards and the praise Telltale gets from its members pretty much every day to realize they do not need no stinkin' awards. Sure, I would love to see them recognized in some fashion outside of their fanbase, but I do believe they know they are delivering a great product that many many people enjoy.


    There, my ASCII Kirby award, presented to Telltale on this day February 13th, 2008. Be proud. ;)
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    Bored? I sure was.
  • Ha ha! "Durrr" really is a classic quote! :D
    Telltale would be proud! :)
  • omg that is amazing
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Forgot about this! It's printed up next to the web/marketing dept calendar, right under Maratanos' thread about how surprised and eventually amused he was that GameTap posted a buggy alpha of 202 instead of the real game, and an email from an over-helpful fan questioning our ability to do our jobs, in regards to how taking the site down in the middle of the night was a decision he disagreed with since there had been maintenance just a few months prior. I like the award the most out of those three things :) With Maratanos' post about 202 coming in a close second.
  • There's nothing more annoying than an over-helpful fan. You'd think they would have better things to do.
  • great award I missed this the first time
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